Collage Making

i love making collages. i make them on bulletin boards and in notebooks, using paper scraps : postcards, letters, illustrations, magazine clippings, photographs, what-have-you.
i've been doing it for years, for no reason in particular, although ...
they do inspire my illustrations. i always make the initial sketches on onion skin paper, so they can be recreated as needed. i have accumulated dozens of these transferable sketches, and keep them in a thick yellow binder. truthfully, i often prefer them to the finished work.

sometimes they end up as mixed-media: penned and painted, with dictionary pages, floral stationary prints, journal pieces ... like this.

you are living your story : soon to be on my etsy

the three pieces above have sold, as well as a few different versions of the 'you are living your story' illustration. they were mostly inspired by black and white photographs, like these:

these images are on my pinterest board peoplei cannot find the original sources. please share them if you know.
i think the one on the left may be natalie portman?

the dancing silhouettes are of a slightly different style, however, i'm thinking of redoing them without the mama in the middle, on dictionary pages. thoughts? i'm also always open to custom orders in this style.
there's just something about the process of painting in black and white shapes, writing out fonts, cutting and gluing different paper textures, so on, that is pure fun.
one last thing before i go:

speaking of fun ... it's kind of exciting to see your own doodles on ... stuff.

i recently started a society6 account and wanted to share. which means ...

you can now purchase a couple of my illustrations in various art print sizes, framed or not, on stretched canvas, as pillows and totes, and sometimes as laptop and ipad skins.

i'm just getting started. i will probably add a few mixed-media collages as well, sometime soonish.



  1. Your work is truly amazing! Love those collages and congrats on being on Society6! Happy Monday xxx

    1. Thank you Chrissy! I'm very excited about all Society6 has to offer, it'll be fun playing around with it.

  2. Wonderful! Love the collages. Hope your week is going well.
    XO, Diane

    1. Thank you Diane! Hope you're having a beautiful week as well!

  3. The Society 6 stuff looks so cool and I love that you demystified the collage process here. I adore your collages but had no idea how you made them.

    I've been taking a break from the internet and actually left fb. I hope all is well with you and the boys and that you're getting plenty of sunny vitamin D goodness. :)

    1. I wondered where you'd gone to! A break from the internet sounds like a good thing to do ... I doubt I'll actually get around to it until I move back to the states and have my family within driving distance though.

      Thanks so much! Collages are the most fun to make, of all the artsy things I do. If I could just keep an entire room for collage making only, I'd be one happy camper.

      Hope you are well! We've been getting some sun so I'm happier on that account!

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