birthdays and things

about yesterday || for my family || because they've asked, and they couldn't be here.
how i missed hearing everyone sing the birthday song loudly and purposely off-key.
in fact, i demand a makeup birthday song when i'm home in june.
other than missing you all, it was a pretty good day.  ♥

woke up to bob dylan on repeat, and this little face and these yellow daisies.
he picked out flowers for me all by himself.

tim made chocolate chip pancakes with strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, and it was every bit as good as it looks. i think we should eat them more often, actually. at least three times a week.

this is me on my 27th birthday. tim says it's a good picture because this is a true-to-me expression, and not my awkward camera-face. since i had no idea he was taking the photo, i believe him.

and this is the best birthday card in the world, from my family across the pond. it's filled up with little notes no one else would understand, about an unhappy goat, 2 lbs of cabbages and how much i'm missed, a chicken sketch, a choice movie quote, and the number of times my sister's fiance blinks per minute. It was almost like having my family with me and made me incredibly happy.

my dad wrote: there are some nice buses on craigslist waiting for your return to the U.S., you can park it in our driveway any time.

i would kind of like to live in a bus again, actually.

these are a couple of my loverly birthday presents, from tim.  ♥  who is not pictured at all in this post, because, as i've said before, he 'dislikes being photographed.' i have to take them on the sly.

a boho feather bracelet from a danish boutique, which i am wearing as an anklet because i love anklets. tim actually gave me another anklet several years ago, with silver stars, and i lost it before moving to denmark which has made me kind of sad until now.

and a wooden whale by danish designer ole s√łndergaard, which has been on my wish-list for longer than i'd like to admit. i don't know why, exactly; i just kind of love it. it will be my thing i bring back with me from denmark.

the rest of the day : hopped a train to the copenhagen zoo, wore some animal masks, had a picnic (of sorts), went for a run, watched the breakfast club.  and then i blew out my candles on the creepiest 'cake' i've ever seen, made by tim late last night.
as you can see, i'm all grown up ... what with my chocolate chip pancakes and toy whale, my tiger mask and day at the zoo. i always did think 27 would be the perfect age. not sure why but i guess i'll find out.
♥ cheers to another year!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lauren! Looks like you had a wonderful day and I bet you will get your birthday song soon! Hugs xxx

    1. Thank you! Yes it was, and I think so too.

  2. happy birthday! sounds like a super great day to me! i loved being 27. there really is something special about it. cheers to a good year for you!

    1. Thank you! There must be something special about every age, you know?

  3. that's a beautiful picture of you. :) :)

    heyyyy! when you move back to the U.S., which state will you be meandering about? we could roadtrip out there sometime when work give him off!! :D

    1. Beka, I think that is a terrific plan. We actually don't know yet - but most likely it will be on either the west or east coast ... which makes for a good road trip either which way you go.


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