A Survivor


You know that feeling you get when the weather begins to change? 

When the air becomes warmer, lighter, easier to breathe, and you feel the sunshine, and hear the seagulls?
When you open doors and windows, and all you want is to be outside in it, awed by the sudden change in yourself?

You're waking up again, so very grateful to be a part of this green earth, so very alive. 
You need to do the things you did the year before, and the year before that, and somehow they still feel new.
Spring-time rituals, reborn.
You must stand outside in blankets at the crack of dawn, just because you can, and take early morning runs to watch the sun come up. You must fall asleep outdoors sometimes, mid-day, in the heat of it all; take barefoot evening walks in the mountains or along the coast - wherever you are, watching that flame in the sky sink down behind purple mountains or into the ocean; explore. Those long drives with the windows down - your music, your golden skin, your hair free in the wind.

You've come out of another long winter, a survivor. 


  1. What a beautifully written post...your talented pretty lady:D

  2. Thank you, all. Just describing that feeling we all share, I think ... about the happy happy sun.


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