brown paper packages, map-making, and portable space heaters

listening to:  Cary Grant's voice.  I love old black-and-whites, so so much.  Even better is Tim's impressions of the female lead. 

working on:  A few etsy custom orders.

latest news:  Got my ticket home for my sister's wedding in June! Only a week, and sadly, this does mean I have to see Gatwick airport again. My Least Favorite Airport So Far ... but at least I get to go home!

a happy surprise:  A brown-paper box from my bestie: girlscout cookies, handmade earrings and cuff, green tea, and a postcard.  ♥  Happiness is unexpected snail-mail.

tonight's happenings:  Quick run, loads of laundry, data project, shuffle dance videos with Tim and Isaac (just wait till I catch the kiddo dancing on camera), map-making for Wednesday, and eventually (hopefully soon): sleep.

wednesday plans:  Amsterdam!  I promise to take lots of photos and post them once I get back ... but I won't be taking my laptop on the trip because of Experiment Pack Light.

confession:  I am the worst packer in the world.  I can't ever decide what to bring, and all my clothes are suddenly and inexplicably wrong.  It's especially difficult to pack in Europe because you never can tell what the weather will do.  Last year, one summer day in particular was interrupted by ten minutes of hail, and then it went back to being summer again.  

Here's what I'm thinking so far:

ae skinnies, some kind of shirt (would be good)
cami dress-slip-thing (it can't decide what it wants to be when it grows up) 
leg warmers, cowboy boots
free people dress?
something warm to pair with all these summery things ... a portable space heater?
what do you think?

photo source : lest you think my own packing is this organized.


  1. haha, i was going to say, wow your packing is very organized; much better than mine!
    have a great trip. can't wait to see the pics.

    1. Yes, if only. That would be nice - to be so compact and organized.

  2. wool socks, tank tops for layering, a rain coat, a scarf? layers. layers are key.:] have fun in Amsterdam!

    1. Layers: check. Wool sweater, thermal jacket, bomber jacket, cotton tanks.


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