Monday Amenities // Post 19 ♥

BE BRAVE by Kelli Murray

An Etsy Shop to love : Art by Kelli Murray
Create : Your-very-own DIY A-Frame Tent. Inexpensive, not-so-very time consuming, and a bonus: you can use old floral sheets. A perfect spot to hide-out.
Tips : On Gardening. Ten Mistakes New Herb Gardeners Make and How to Avoid Them. I think I will keep a small herb garden this year.
For relaxation and rejuvenation - BODY: drop 5-10 green tea bags into your bath while running the water. This will help to detox your body, relax you, and give your skin a bountiful amount of minerals. HAIR: a green tea rinse will reduce hair loss, and increase growth. FACE: soak a chamomile tea bag in water and apply to skin for one minute. Repeat as often as needed.//source. You can also apply steeped and cooled tea bags, wrapped in tissue, to your eyes for 5-10 minutes to relax and reduce puffiness (the only one I've tried so far).

Article : Green Tea Beauty Secrets and Benefits
Food : Two recipes on my must-try list (in the apartment complex kitchen, no less):
Baked Sweet Potatoes Stuffed with Feta, Olives, Sun-Dried Tomatoes // Fresh Apple Cake
Book to buy (or borrow, or covet):
Flavia de Luce series.
I'm wanting the 5th book, which, sadly, isn't available in the UK until March.
Quote : "The real struggle is about you: you, a person who has to learn to live in the real world, to inhabit her own skin, to know her own heart, to stop waiting for her life to begin." - Caroline Knapp

And now I must go because it's Monday, 

and I have a feverish baby, 
a data project to finish, 
a messy apartment to clean, 
and some custom orders to think about ...


H a v e   a   h a p p y   M o n d a y ,  l o v e s ! 


  1. It's always a pleasure read your blog. Thank you for all you share with us. Have a great day!!

  2. What a great share today! I love the beauty bath one. Now to find the time to try that one out.

  3. I love that quote, it is so perfect! I hope Isaac feels better soon!


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