Here, he imagines himself saying. This is you.

Otherwise Titled: Currently // 2-27
Listening: to First Aid Kit (Swedish folk sister-duo, but you probably know this).  They will be performing at The Stockholm Music and Arts festival in August, and I so want to go!  I especially love the song Emmylou:

On my sofa. Just got home with the boy.

Wearing: American Apparel green slip-dress, black leggings, Isaac's pirate hat (he insisted I try it out).

Liking: Moon to Moon's latest on the art studio of Fia Cielen.  I would love to have a space like this, with plants and sunshine, for making creative messes.  See?

 Also liking the photo-source blog, Eefje De Coninck. A blog for female artists.

Etsy-ing: Just listed two new illustrations - All My Loving, the spring version, and Oh Monday (Monday Blues). Please visit and share!

Sketching: Ten new custom orders (happiness).

Reading: Same thing as last time (Groff's Arcadia), but I wanted to share a quote I love -
Every photo takes him a hairsbreadth closer to her, to the essential core of Helle, a purified Helle that he will one day hand back to her on a sheet of photographic paper.
Here, he imagines himself saying. This is you.
She will look at the print and know herself, at last, and she will wonder how she missed herself all along.

Wanting: Danish designer Ole Søndergaard's wooden whale and polar bear. In an unexplainable (I am, in fact, a toddler) kind of way. I just love them. I think they'd make a perfect birthday present for my twenty-seventh in April, don't you? Really, what better way to celebrate twenty-seven than with wooden Scandinavian toys? Nothing comes to mind. (I hope you're reading this, dearie.)  I especially love the whale. It could be my 'thing I brought back from Denmark.'

Lastly: a borrowed thought:


  1. As always, I love reading your posts.

  2. Beautiful post...love that big, bright studio! that borrowed thought - perfect.


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