CURRENTLY // ♥ // 2/19

Listening: To Penny and Sparrow and their beautiful harmonies. Especially love 'Duet', and 'La Reyna'.   

Sitting : Home with the boys in our postage-stamp studio. 

Wearing : Shorts (it's summer, didn't you know) and a Miley Cyrus tank top (speaking of, is it yours? Can't recall where I got it). 

Today(ing?) : Went on a little by-myself adventure today (involving no less than two buses and four trains), to see the early works of Andy Warhol in the Louisiana Museum.  This particular collection was discovered in a briefcase, and is now on its first-ever museum display (and I got to see it!).  The pieces range from safe-and-happy sketches of children at play (my personal favorite is untitled, but pictures two little girls with long flowing hair, looking at what I imagine is a seashell), to dark-and-sad sketches of the Huey Long assassination and heroin junkies.  Warhol also seemed rather fond of unidentified portraiture, mirror images, and James Dean.

Liking : Or what I like about Warhol: they say his intention was to recreate reality through art, which, to me, emphasizes how we all see the world differently from each other. 

Shocking : I did not get lost today, not in Østerport or Humlebæk or downtown CPH. I even managed to get on all the correct trains. 

Loving : Brother Stories blog, Boho Style pinboard, Leanimal etsy, and The Big Harumph. 

Sketching : Something new, about dreaming:

Reading : Lauren Groff's Arcadia, for next month's CPH International Book Club. If you like beautiful prose and hippie communes, get this book.  A little teaser: "[W]hat we wanted to do was unusual. Pure. Live with the land, not on it. Live outside the evil of commerce and make our own lives from scratch. Let our love be a beacon to light up the world." I want to get the short story collection next, Delicate Edible Birds.   

Planning : Amsterdam Itinerary (March!). I want to see the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house, take a canal tour, eat at The Pancake Bakery (because hello, pancakes), and get a photo of what is thought to be The Narrowest House in the World, at Singel Number 7.  It is one meter wide, hardly wider than the front door.  Apparently, centuries ago, 'houses were taxed by frontage', so the city is now famously narrow and tall.  I'd love to move into one for a day or two, just so I could invite people over and say, "If you just maneuver your way past the coat rack, you will find yourself in my living room, where we will stand adjacent to one another and have The Narrowest Cups of Coffee in the World." 

Also Planning : To visit the nonprofit Cafe Retro in Copenhagen. Like my favorite Gimle coffeehouse, it is operated entirely by volunteers. I'm hoping to take some of their ideas back home with me, for my own someday-coffeehouse. 

Wishing : I could see my family. My siblings are planning weddings and getting engaged and building houses and finishing up degrees and I'm not there!  And this makes me sad. 

Consoling : I've got my boys and our adventures ♥ and I will be home in May! And if you think about it, May's not so far away.

... What're you up to these days?



  1. I love this :). I think seeing the Anne Frank house, would be amazing. I always adored that book, and it still is one of my favorites.

    I wish it was summer here! So cold, but hey, the sun is shining :)

    1. It is a beautiful book; it always made me want to be twice as honest in my journals.

  2. I had a similar site-seeing tour in Amsterdam myself. However, that was a few years ago when I was just a teenage girl. I hope that you have a fabulous trip!

    1. Thank you! Got any other sight-seeing suggestions for me?

  3. I love that you're reading Arcadia! I read it last fall and really enjoyed it.

    Have fun in Amsterdam... totally jealous. :)

    1. Thank you! Have you tried the short stories, or her other renowned novel? Her writing is just so ... perfect.

    2. No, I haven't read anything else by her - yet. I think Arcadia was in the new titles section of the library when I checked it out and the cover is what first caught my eye. (yes, I'm one of those people ;) When I returned it I didn't think to check out her other work because I was reading another book, but I will next time I'm there. I agree with you about her writing. So perfect that it made me cry several times because I became very attached to the story and characters, and the lovely prose. I didn't want it to end.


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