Det Lille Hjem

As promised, this is an instagram post of the studio apartment.  Det lille hjem in warm-and-fuzzy filters, or Early Bird View. I want to look back and remember my time here as sunnier than it actually was. Yes, I am tweaking my memories.

My most recent Danish friend (who, incidentally, I met at my favorite coffeehouse), is making fun of me, and says I should title this post det lille hjem på prærien (the little home on the prairie). He isn't very nice, actually. I'm beginning to rethink our friendship.

(In all honesty though, when I leave the apartment to go stand in the cold and wait on the bus that is always late, it does feel a bit like a frozen prairie in the middle of nowhere.)

Four things to keep in mind: 1) This is a 38 m2 studio without a single closet, washer or dryer, or oven, so ...  2) ... we've given away everything we do not actually use, minus the plants and bulletin board ... 3) ... because we are moving back to the States in 6-10 months, so it just makes sense to save on rent and spend on travel (hopefully).  

And 4) We don't mind; we kind of like it. Please don't try to give us anything (unless it happens to be a dresser or the laundry card that was supposed to come in the mail two weeks ago. Or Starbucks coffee, because ... you know). 

Without further ado, the little home on the frozen prairie. Or something.

We separated the studio into two 'rooms' using a cheap white armoire from Ikea (which was an excellent purchase if you don't consider the fact that I essentially spent $80 on glorified corkboard) - but the main thing is, Isaac can go to sleep before we do. We just have to move him into his own bed later, which is behind the sofa.  And yes, don't we just have the funniest little rectangular window in the living room? The architect was a moron something else, let me just say.

.... And there you have it (minus the bathroom, and yes we do have one).   We've become minimalists, and it's kind of liberating in its own way. Hemingway said it best.


  1. OMG - how refreshing!!! Cleansing! Do you feel like a huge weight has been lifted??

  2. Yes and no? It's great finding out what you can live without. On the other hand, we never had much stuff in Denmark ... I've still got a storage unit to dejunk in the States. ;)

  3. Thanks for popping by Gypsy in Jasper today! I definitely recommend you take some time to explore Canada. There is a lot to see!

    In other news, your cozy home is adorable. Because of my lifestyle, I have lived a minimalistic lifestyle many, many times. But, now that I have a man (who just so happens to be an artist) following me around the country, that minimalism has gone by the wayside. He likes his stuff, so our house is FULL of art and art supplies. I tried to change him, but I failed miserably, so now I just accept that my home will forever be full.

  4. Haha I tried to change my man as well, but he is a junk collector of the 'someday, I may meet someone who needs this; I will have it for them' variety ... I'd willingly stock up on rooms upon rooms of art supplies, though had I the funds! I guess it's a give and take kind of thing. ;)

  5. His things are in a stateside storage unit. For the purpose of this one room apartment, he's downsized to one box (like the rest of us), and a cabinet full of herbs and spices.

  6. hmmm. i LOVE the quote by hemingway. i wants to makest my own version. (font-wise...to be made my own. to hang in my little house someday soon. that's what i mean.)

    cute little place!


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