CURRENTLY // ♥ // 1/28

Sitting : In my new little living room, all 'hyggeligt' (Danish for cozy), with the candles lit and the coffee made, and my kiddo sitting next to me watching Peter Pan (with Jeremy Sumpter). 

Wearing : AE skinnies, green Tag Rag sweater, ballet flats.

Today(ing?) : Up at 5 a.m. when the redhead wet the bed (first time since going off trainers last year). Then: 5k in the melting snow, errands upon errands, short story writing (which has me researching swiss army knives and line haul drivers, what else). Picked up the kiddo and played 'school', and am now preparing to begin my latest data project. How's your Monday?

Discovered : Melatonin is illegal in this country, which is unfortunate because I've been having trouble sleeping. Luckily I still have the Bee Calm herbal extract Ayla brought with her last year. Wild harvested and organic grown in the Pacific Northwest.

Finished : A new Etsy listing! Siblings. Also accepting custom orders in this style, based on your own photograph.

Joined : Copenhagen International Book Club. Participating in March's book, Lauren Groff's Arcadia. Now I just need to find a copy in English ... somehow.

Listening : To Sigur Rós. I just found out they will be at the Roskilde Festival this year !

Reading : Will Mrs. Major Go to Hell? by Aloise Buckley Heath. Hilarious, snarky, must-read. It was a Christmas gift from my bestie, with the inscription 'To my dearest La, because you're a writer and a mom and a snark and therefore: this book's rightful recipient.'

Wanting : A mirror. There's a mirror in our bathroom, but there's something amuck with the lighting in there. It makes me feel ... ugly. To put it bluntly.

Also Wanting : Alan Bradley's just-released Flavia de Luce novel - Speaking From Among the Bones.  This is, hands down, one of my favorite happily-curl-up-on-a-couch-and-disappear series. Light reading, youth oriented, British humor.

Planning : Two trips. Amsterdam for my birthday in April, and Georgia for my sister's wedding in May. I can't wait.

Collecting : Isaac's drawings and love notes. I bought him a ream of copy paper upon arriving back in Denmark, and he has put it to good use by drawing me 400 pictures just this January. 

Worrying : Over the fact that Sebastian, at Isaac's kindergarten, has chicken pox which means ... we may be in for a super fun week.  Probably best to get it over with now though.  For all you mama's with chicken-pox experience: tips? 

Wishing : You a lovely week, loves!



  1. That's me! I'm getting married in 123 days! Miss you.

  2. i call my skinny jeans "skinnies" too! thought i was the only one.... :D

    1. "Then we are two" as my Danish friends say. ;)

  3. Oh no, I hope you guys don't get the chicken pox! Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Amsterdam is wonderful! xxx

    1. Where should I go when in Amsterdam, do you think?

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