To Be Blessed

My time at home is nearing an end, with January 2nd and fifteen hours of travel to Copenhagen looming ahead.  
I'm feeling a little homesick already.

I'm aware of the minutes, trying to stay awake so we can all be here longer.
It goes by like quicksand.

My siblings are beginning to leave now, heading back to their full lives.  
The first of us left Christmas night and we all felt gloomy knowing that was it
The last day we'd all be together, sitting in the living room with our coffee having a full-fledged family pow-wow.  
Until next year, mid-to-late.
At least there's always mail.

To cheer me up during a cold, white winter in Europe.

During which I fully intend to hibernite,
something like this:

Hopefully, with painting and work, writing and running,
and teaching Isaac to read ...

 ... it won't be long till spring, then summer.

Summer, with all the many travel plans by train.

And before we know it, we'll all be home again.
All of us at once.

Actually, if you really think about it ... it's not so long.

Sometimes, I need only to stand wherever I am to be blessed.  - MARY OLIVER 



  1. Another lovely post - taking me away to a dream world with all these wonderful photos! May your travel home be safe and may 2013 be wonderful!

  2. Love it. I wish I had quality family time like this. My family members are always to distracted and they never really feel present.

  3. I hope you will find that quality family time, then! Sending well-wishes your way.

  4. Thank the photographers! I'm just appreciating someone else's art here. :)


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