w h e r e   i   g r e w   u p,   f o r   t h e   m o s t   p a r t

Early this morning, I got the boys out of bed and we went for a short drive along my running route. It's a loop of highway and back-roads that surround my parent's home, although you'd never know it.  We grew up deep in a hollow at the end of a half-mile dirt road, so deep that the postal service refuses to deliver packages to the doorstep.  
They leave them under the neighbor's porch.

Early morning is the best time to explore, because the mountains are just so blue, with a light fog lifting off the ground as the sun comes up, and the grass white with frost.

Everything is quiet.

Someone just over the mountain owns a ranch, where they keep a few horses ...

 ... whose manes match my kid's hair, somewhat.

Hay bales. Most are harvested into barns, others sit in the fields through winter.

This cow is number 179.  She was the only one of the herd to come right up to the fence,
and stare at me expectantly while I snapped shots of her face.

Occasionally, though, they will all follow behind me when I'm out running, 
since their field is parallel to the highway.

Mostly they just stare.

My brothers like to sneak out to this field at night, and play leap-frog over the bales. 
There isn't a lot to do around here after dinner.

If you lived here, you would have to move.

Down the hill, near the waterfall: row upon row of white mailboxes. 
I bet their packages are delivered to them in person.  Lucky.

... And last but not least, just before going back into the warm house : my mother's bicycle, overgrown with ivy, 
metal basket full of shells she brought with her to the mountains.  
Since we are primarily beach people at heart.

...  But, the mountains are beautiful.


  1. beautiful! i live in such a flat, boring part of the country. i love the pictures of the 3 horses and the bike with shells, especially.

  2. Beautiful photos- reminds me of where I grew up too. When you wrote 'Hollow' it sounded very Appalachian, like where I'm originally from :)

  3. So true! Hollow is so very Appalachian. I never thought about it before ;)

  4. Flat can be beautiful too! Thank you :)

  5. Thanks. I know ... I've missed my mountains.

  6. Erin (Charlie Foxtrot)December 2, 2012 at 7:56 PM

    This is beautiful. I'm from the country but moved to a major city years ago. Sometimes I wish I could move back.

  7. Yeah ... just after moving away I'm always homesick for the cricket noise at night. It takes awhile to get used to.

  8. These pictures are beautiful, I would love to live somewhere like this! I love my North Carolina Mountains, but these pictures just reminded me on how beautiful our world can be! Your son is a cutie!

  9. Sounds lovely. And loving that ginger!


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