Let's Pretend

 Say you lived by the ocean ...

 ... and this was your front door, and your cup of tea.

And all your own things, in a little red house, 
with the people you love best.

 Close enough to the mountains to take the scenic route,
to your getaway in the woods,
on weekends.

Where you frequent the local cafe and farmer's market
of your postage-stamp town, and bake your own bread
- for autumn dinner parties.

A place that always smells of lavender and freshly-gathered herbs.

... And no one leaves the table till the wee hours, 
because it's all just so good.

... Say you slept by this fire at night.


  1. *sigh* I would say I had died and gone to heaven...

  2. That about sums up what I was thinking too. I love these photos!

  3. I'd say screw my life, and give me that one! Give me a little house, the people I love, and the ocean...I'm set ♥

  4. I'm lucky enough I do live by the sea and I love it.....and I love those dinner parties outdoors on a cool summers night that go on for hours.....xo

  5. Mmmm I do live by the ocean and it is the most wonderful feeling. But I do not have a little red house and I wish I did. These images have a feeling of peace that I try to strive for every day but it can be so difficult in our busy world.

  6. I live by the ocean and I love it!
    Thanks for the wonderful photos and words, everything is so beautiful, so perfect...

  7. I know! This is why I like finding these photos ... they make me feel relaxed and calm.

  8. You're welcome! That's for dropping by ;)

  9. Yes, please! I'd like to drop into any and all of those photos. Such lovely images - I love the way you put them together. Cozy, relaxed, and happy... love it!

  10. They made me feel the same way - those photographers are certainly talented people, to give us an emotion along with a beautiful image.


( hippies always welcome )