The Early-Bird

Here's a little Early-Bird-Instagram post of my six latest illustrations.  
I'm hoping to have these up on the etsy (in prints) in just over a week! 
Clearer/scanned (non instagram) images to come.

Y o u   A r e   M y   S u n s h i n e 

All My Loving : All Grown Up (see here for the earlier-years version)

H o m e - C o m i n g

Dreamcatcher : You Are Living Your Story

Dreamcatcher : Wanderlust (Take Flight)

 Dreamcatcher : Danny's Song 

>>>>> <<<<<

Materials: watercolor/prismacolor/pen-and-ink. Copyright 2012 Laure Holgate.

These will printed on A4 cardstock (8.3 x 11.7") with satin finish,
and priced at $10 per print.

 I will only be printing a limited number before flying home for the holidays, so be sure and let me know if you would like a copy by November 15th at the latest! 
I am also accepting customized dreamcatcher orders now. If you have a specific quote, design, or item that you love, I will turn it into a dreamcatcher illustration for you
similar to the illustrations shown above.
Have a happy halloween!


  1. Love all!! But the Home-coming is my favorite, my husband work at Ghana and we live in Portugal...

  2. I see... sending many happy home-coming wishes your way then!

  3. Ooo i am in love with these dream catcher prints. When I have some spare pennies in a couple of weeks I shall email you x

  4. Love these! Definitely going to have to get that last print though- my husband and I sing that to each other all the time!

  5. i LOVE the dreamcatcher ones! may have to get one to add to my new collection (:

  6. Ooh, a dreamcatcher collection. I would love to see a photo of this ;)


( hippies always welcome )