{   e    n    c    h    a    n    t   }

The word on my calendar this month is ‘enchant.’  It accompanies a black and white cutout of a man harvesting bright orange mushrooms, the only color on the page.  Each month has a word with a picture like this.  They are not all self-explanatory but, in my way of thinking, they follow a theme: how we interact with the earth.  They are words like summon, inherit, permit, free, steady, depend, foster, purpose.  The calendar ends with the phrase ‘we are starlight’ in December, with people sitting around a bonfire watching the sparks fly up into the sky and meet the stars.  It reminds me of home.

To me, ‘enchant’ signifies the mystery of living on a planet that has the ability to sustain us physically.  It is a celebration of harvest.

Earlier this week, a Norwegian woman brought dinner to my home in a white wicker basket by train.  She told me, “I’m going to cook and bring it to your house on Tuesday, is that alright?”  Which is a wonderful and rare thing to be asked, don’t you think?  I was floored by what she brought:

Home-made chili and chili sauce; avocado, tomato, and onion salad; Turkish flat bread; snack pølser; thin-shaved air dried ham; honningmelon (honeydew, which is eaten with the ham); homemade bread and herb butter; and a bottle of red wine. 

She kept pulling things out of the basket like a magic act for a very surprised and honored audience, and then said, by way of explanation, "What?  It was meant to be a feast.”  While we ate, she told stories about harvesting from her garden, about keeping livestock, trading ham for honey, and learning the art of bee-keeping.  The way she spoke of interacting with nature reminded me of my calendar, and the beautiful, under-appreciated gift we have to grow, harvest, sustain. 

We were joined by a man from Indonesia with a British accent, who I had only just met, and we discussed making this a regular thing – cooking and telling stories, just because - why not?

Lately (since I moved into my third-story walk-up, away from the mountains no less), I’ve been feeling the urge to plant.  I like the idea of going out into a garden and collecting my own vegetables and herbs.  The weekly Farmer’s Market will have to suffice until we have property again.  Either which way, cultivation happens.

Speaking of the mountains, I have plane tickets home!  November 21st through January 1st.  Roughly seven weeks and then stateside again.  Isaac has already started packing.  When I told him this month was his birthday month, and next month was home, he said, “FOR ME?!  Thank you, mama!”  He’s so polite.

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  1. well, I think "enchant" is a beautiful word--and it's exactly how I felt reading this. such a dreamy post.

    and I love all the little things Isaac says. so adorable.

  2. I would like a Norwegian woman to bring a basket to my house. That sounds like a beautiful dinner. Enchanting. I love that word too.


  3. wow, that sounds like a very interesting feast! i love how the variety of food differs from what we eat in the US a lot of the time...so much more healthy.
    i also love the word enchant. would love to have a calendar like that.
    congrats on your ticket home. it will be here before you know it (:

  4. Yes, it's really enchant season. And story about Norwegian woman is so touchingly:)

  5. wow, what a story.
    i love that whole cook-and-tell-stories thing. oh my. amazing. <3

  6. I like the way you've described your calendar. Makes me want to find a similar one for the coming year! Your dinner feast sounds lovely.


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