Even If

I  j u s t  w a n t  t o  m a k e  n i c e  t h i n g s , 
a n d  g e t  e n o u g h  s l e e p .


I have something of a patchwork life, which can be frustrating and beautiful in turn, but suits me nonetheless.  I've grown rather fond of it.

Things have been a bit hectic lately.  Meetings : Isaac's speech therapist, the foreign work consultant, the realtor, our small-group.  Work : training sessions and service calls.  Ordinary : household things, homeschooling things, and planning things (like flying home for the holidays, and moving after the New Year).  Etsy : sales, treasuries, and commissions.  

Speaking of etsy, I've been busy getting three originals print-ready, painting three new pieces that will be up soon (I hope), and designing a custom order.  Today I had one of those days; you know, when you spend hours creating something and at the last minute, you ruin it, and you have to start all over.  Le sigh.

I'm feeling cluttered, but also blessed.  It's beautiful to realize, all of a sudden, that this thing you do for fun - making illustrations on a whim - is appreciated by other people and, what's more, can make a little money.  Not much, but just enough to qualify it as more than a hobby.  A thing with potential, at any rate.

And, even if all the things don't pan out, I've still got my boys at the end of the day - and this picture of our family and how we are : scientist, artist, redhead.  Which I kind of love about us.


  1. It is really wonderful when someone appreciates our work but I do sometimes get disheartened when weeks go by without a sale :(

    Right now I am packing up my art supplies, ready to remodel our kitchen and it is so hard for me to do it.

    I wish you well, on your move :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  2. it's been to long since i've been by, how are you?

    i like that you shared your heart--what you said was so beautiful, and you are so right, at the end of the day you have your boys and God is holding us. how beautiful is THAT?! Like Paul, it's important for us to learn to be content with much and with little, and not just money wise. what a thankful heart you have.

    xo can't wait to explore your work!

  3. Hey -- I've been poking around in your Etsy shop -- I love your stuff. Just wanted to pass along the info (in case you haven't heard about it yet, and you get sick of paying Etsy fees) Storenvy.com lets you set up shop with no fees whatsoever, and no extra fees for search words etc. That's where I've had my handmades for the last little while, and I feel so much better not having to pay all those fees whenever I want to list something. Just a thought, in case you want to check it out. :-) hugs!

  4. aw, i love this.

    i know! i love realizing that some people appreciate it so much that they'll put down money for it.
    gives me a little more faith in humanity. ;)


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