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I've been tagged by Charla (Love, Charla) for the Liebster Award.  
A 'getting to know you' meme.


1) Post 11 random facts about yourself.
2) Answer 11 questions the tagger has asked.
3) Give 11 questions to the people you've tagged.
4) Choose a few bloggers and tag them in your post (no tag backs).  

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E L E V E N     F A C T S :

1) My earliest memory is Teacher Tom in Bandon, Oregon.  He insisted I wear my puffy jacket, and when I put it on upside down and backwards, he insisted I wear it correctly.  I was really upset because it takes a lot of effort to put a jacket on upside down and backwards. 
2) I have lived on a school bus with brown metal bunkbeds bolted to the walls. 
3) I have two 'feel-good' movies I will play over and over: Dan In Real Life and Away We Go.  They make me feel at home when things get crazy.  Also the Gilmore Girls, Seasons 1-4. 
4) I have milked two goats. It wasn't exciting, unless the cat was watching and I could squirt him in the face.
5) I have also assisted in making goat cheese.  It was disgusting.
6) When I was a kid, my bother Noah and I tried to run away.  We were living on TGCS Campus in McMinnville, and one of the students left the gate open so we just left.  We were brought home shortly thereafter, and our punishment of choice was being tied to the couch legs with a rope for about two hours. 

7) I eavesdrop in public, and occasionally write down what I hear.  I like to call this research.
8) When I was pregnant, a homeless guy in DC told me I would name my kid Jeremiah. Instead, I decided on Liam if he had brown hair, Landon if he was blonde. So naturally I had a redhead and named him Isaac.
9) Speaking of names, I didn't know Tim's middle name until after we got married.  True story.
10) I've always had a thing for those little plastic trolls.  They make me laugh.
11) My first kiss was Jonathan Tobey, and we were babies.  Here's a picture:

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C H A R L A ' S    Q U E S T I O N S :

1. Where is your happy place? Wherever there's sunshine (she says, on a stormy afternoon).  If I can feel the sun on my face, I am instantly happier.
2. What is your dream job?  Owner/barista at the artsy coffeehouse I'm going to open (one fine day).  You've probably heard me mention this before; I've only been talking about it for, oh, half a decade.  Speaking of: if you have any tips, recipes, or ideas for what I should name the joint, I'd love to hear them!  (ladaisiblog@hotmail.com)
3. If I were in town visiting for only one day, where would you take me?  Somewhere I've never been either - it's Europe, after all, and I can always use an excuse to explore.  Also, if we get lost (when we get lost), we share the blame equally.  Not playing tour guide when I can't read street signs.  ;)
4. Tell me what your ideal outfit looks like--one that makes you feel the most like yourself.  I used to have this handmade ti-dye tunic that I wore to pieces and dearly miss.  So, probably something like that, with or without a pair of blue jeans and my Lucky boots.  My leather cuff bracelets from Copenhagen; my hippie ring from Pablo's.  If it's winter: my knit leg warmers and bomber jacket.

5. If you could go back in time to witness any event in history, which would it be and why?  Woodstock.  I've always been fascinated by the 60's, and would've loved to experience this ... Despite my dad's cautionary tales about the nurse over the loud speaker announcing that 'If you took the red pill, you're going to have a bad trip;  come to the medical tent immediately!" ... Plus I'm a big Credence and Joplin fan.
6. What song/artist is on repeat for you right now?  The Head and the Heart.  It's been on repeat since April, when my sister mailed it to me for my birthday.  It's about time I either move on or put my head through the wall (loved the thing to death, I have).
7. What are you looking forward to most about Fall?  Less daylight hours, freezing wind, sporadic north-of-the Northern Hemisphere rain ... Yeah, none of that fo' sho'.  Late Fall means it's almost time to go home for the holidays (!); that's what I'm looking forward to most these days.
8. Tell me about a weird pet peeve that you have.  I asked Tim to answer this for me and he said, "Where do I start.  Oh, you said pet peeve, not annoying-thing-you-do."  And then he added, "Well you're beautiful."  Like that's going to save him now.  : |

I'll field this one myself, thank you very much.  Not sure how weird it is, but I hate it when I wash all the dishes and someone immediately puts something in the sink.  It makes me feel like Mr. Incredible: No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. I feel like the maid; I just cleaned up this mess!  Can we keep it clean for ten minutes?
9. Which of these four would be your number one and why: mountains, city, country, ocean?  As much as I love the mountains in summer and fall, I've got to say the ocean.  If I could have both, I'd be in heaven.  I care nothing whatsoever for the city, although I would like to see a cupcake ATM one day ...How's about a cupcake ATM on a beach, next to a mountain!  There you go.
10. What is your favorite thing to make in the kitchen?  Coffee.  I used to be a semi-decent cook, but I lost practice when I married Chef Husband the Particular (or have you heard The Infamous Pumpkin Cheesecake Incident?  No?  Remind me to tell you sometime).  Occasionally I get the urge to cook again, so I have some wine ... and make miniature disasters because I hate following directions.
11. What is something you're learning in this season?
  Take it as it comes, and cherish the moment.  I know, cliche -  but it's so easy to get distracted and overwhelmed by life, and easier still to miss out on beautiful moments because of it.  I'm trying to focus in on one thing at a time. 

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T A G G I N G :

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1 1    Q U E S T I O N S     F O R    Y O U :
 (Borrowing a few from Charla)

1. If I moved to your town, what are the top five tips you'd give me? 
2. Describe your favorite outfit (yours or wish-list). 
3. Tell me about your happy place.
4. If next year only had one month, which would you choose?  365 days of ...?
5. A perfect day would look like ...
6. You won an unlimited gift card to any store.  Which do you choose?
7. You can only keep ten things.  What are they?
8. If you were a character in a novel, who would you be?
10. What is your ideal job?
11. The first song that comes to mind is ...


  1. i have been tied up for punishment when i was little, as well. we have so much in common, lady. love learning new little facts about my blog friends.

  2. YOU TAGGED ME OMG! I've done this before but it was AWHILE AGO and your questions are lovely, so maybe I'll give it another go :)

  3. Lesley: I thought I was the only one! Haha, it was the preferred punishment ... we turned it into a game.

    Caitlin: Sorry for the tag-again then, and hope you will answer my Q's! :)

  4. Oooh, I love your questions. Thank you for tagging me!!!

  5. soo happy you did this<3 i loved reading your answers! it made me feel like i got to know you a little bit more.

    also, i'll definitely be checking out The Head and the Heart. and i loved your "cupcake ATM on a beach, next to a mountain" idea;) sounds like perfection to me.

  6. No thank YOU for tagging me Charla! I had fun with this. :)

  7. that is absolutely hilarious that you eavesdrop!!! Cracking up over here :o

    I LOVE Dan In Real Life too!!!



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