Over the past week or so, after the redhead's asleep,
I've been working on three new designs for the etsy.

Things I thought about while making these illustrations: 
Free spirit, shades of purple, henna and feathers and tie-dye tones, all you beautiful hippie-mama bloggers I love, Julia Stone (she inspires me), my Bohemianesque pinterest board.

(Side-note: I'm aware that most of my illustrated women are pale brunettes; this is because it's easiest.  I'm going to be branching out in the near future.  And yes, they often look like my sister Stephanie.  A lot of people have told me this, even regarding oils and collage.  It's accidental and, I think, kind of funny.)
A little instagram-collage preview:

I'm hoping to have these made into prints by the weekend,
along with a few of my sold-out etsy originals that some of you have asked for in prints.

There might even be a giveaway.  ;)


  1. Wow! I don't draw well so I am in awe of your mad skills, as always.

  2. Beautiful pics Lauren.....I cannot draw to save my life so I love seeing art from people who are naturally gifted.....the pregnant one looks like me...lol...I'm exploding lately....can't wait to see what else you design...xo

  3. i'm envious of your skills! these are beautiful. great talent.

  4. These are so beautiful. You have such amazing talent.


  5. these are so gorgeous. the middle one is my favorite; it reminds me of all kinds of beautiful, inspirational things.

  6. They are really beautiful!!! What a gift you have...



( hippies always welcome )