Occasionally. Perhaps.

The sun visited Denmark this weekend,
and I've got to say:
one of the best things about having such huge windows in your apartment
is you can sunbathe in your living room. (!)
 Until 11 p.m.-ish, when it gets dark. 

... so guess what I did.

 Isaac occasionally dropped by to check if I was still breathing.
And make ... that face at me.
Whatever that means.

He really likes me a lot, most of the time.

A few other entirely unrelated things:

Went to the farmer's market and happened upon this group of ... slapstick comedians? clowns? goofballs?  Isaac thought they were hilarious.  In that little-boy way wherein people getting smacked in the face with ladders is ... hilarious. 

I took about twenty photos of this mama and daughter (because I'm rude and I do things like that without asking).  Then she saw me, so I had to stop.  I need to get a better lens for my camera so I can be creepy without being noticed.

We got some of those candy-almonds I mentioned in a recent post.

Sold by this guy.  Who is, quite frankly, adorable.
I'd adopt him if I could. Just saying.

Someone's house.  No idea.

May I just take this moment to apologize for my inconsistent, 
unfocused, J. Alfred Prufrock-ish summer blog posts?
However, seeing as there's no hope for this particular post ...

Here's a photo of Tim's cute mouth:

He hates being in photos, see ...
so this is all we've got to prove he was there...

... other than this photo.  Because if Tim lived in a boat,
this is pretty much what it would look like.   
And then, eventually ... it would sink.

... down with the jellies.  :|

In other news ...
I am making a big woolly mammoth!
Or, possibly, a blanket.
(I may have mentioned this before.)

Sarah E. taught me this crochet stitch while she was visiting last month.
(I won't mention that it's the third time she has taught me this stitch.)

My favorite thing about it is once you get the hang of it,
it's pretty easy.  But once you're finished, it looks seriously complicated.

(And in a couple years, after this thing is long finished and I've forgotten the stitch, again, I'll stare at it and wonder how in the world I managed to make something so cool.) 

Here are a few tutorials if you're interested in trying it out:

Hope you had a happy weekend!
I promise to be more coherent in future posts.


  1. Beautiful photos as always :) I love the smell of candy almonds!

  2. don't finish it until I get there, the blanket that is! That way you can show me the stitch too :) looks beautiful so far. 3 days!

  3. Beautiful. Wish i was living in Denmark where it stayed light til 11p. Fun times!

  4. What's funny is that I have learned that stitch before and now I can't remember it either. I made a little pot holder out of it so that I would remember it and now...nope. Gone. Now I have to go see your tutorial for it. Darn it.


  5. Hi there, it's been too long, how are you?!
    I so want to learn that stitch, thank you for the tutorial. I am just getting started again in crochet, it's been over 10 years. I actually bought some yarn tonight but I think it's too thick for my crochet needle:o

    so dusk is at 11p where you are huh?! what a beautiful window you have...love that space..

  6. that picture of isaac hugging your leg makes me melt.
    also, the picture of the mommy and daughter?
    i'm melting.

    that photo of the jellies creeps me out. yikes.

  7. you are so gorgeous.

    and that blanket looks like it's going to turn out amazing.


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