Ciao Bella

Hello Blog Dear, 

My have you been neglected these past few months.  I personally blame all the Americans who keep showing up on my doorstep (happiness).

Speaking of, the last of our summer visitors have come and gone (as of this morning), and we're all by our lonesome again.

I've known these kids since we were twelve.  We met at a skating rink in NE GA (on separate occasions), and they've been together - more or less - since.

Isaac calls them 'Cory and Cabob' ... 
which isn't ... remotely ... their actual names.

Spent the weekend showing them around Copenhagen and Roskilde 
(and playing Brazilian Uno, but you didn't hear it from me) - 

- and taking an absurd amount of photos (mostly Caleb) 
And now they're off to Italy.  

  Stay tuned for The One In Which I Become A Viking ...

And do many ... viking-ish things?

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