Physicalities: A Meme

A light-hearted meme that could possibly be renamed Physicalities, Abnormalities, and Humor.

Care to join?  

The rules: List thirteen quirky things about yourself.  And, if you're like me, you'll include a photo at the end so your readers don't finish the post thinking you're a goblin or something.

  • My left pointer finger is weird.  Once, when I was about twelve, a nurse told me the odd hump shape was due to a lack of oxygen getting to the fingertip.  I hadn't really noticed it until then, and now it makes me think of the witch in Snow White, when she points her finger and cackles. 
  • My left foot is a tad longer than my right, and I suspect it has affected my legs as well because the left hem-line in my jeans wears out faster than the right.  It's so slight you'd never notice, but I can't think about it too long or I will subconsciously start walking crooked.
  • I have The Infamous Kough Nose.  It's very distinct.  It's a tad bit button-like, I must say.  Only myself and my brother Matt have it to this particular degree.  In fact, I've been asked if we're twins by complete strangers.
  • When I'm lifting weights, I have trouble controlling the muscle in my upper lip.  It's weird and freakish, and also why I don't lift weights in gyms.  Wouldn't want other people to see me and think I'm turning into a vampire or anything.  I shan't say anything more about this.
  • I tend to bruise badly.  Once, while painting a tree on my dining room wall, I fell off the chair I was using as a step-ladder and bruised my entire left thigh.  It was black for a month.  The bruise looked like the state of Michigan and I had to avoid short dresses, which was unfortunate because over half my wardrobe consists of short dresses.
  • My eyes have gold in them.  Or so I'm told.  When I was living at TFC with my three beautiful roomies, one of them looked into my eyes and said, "Wow.  You have yellow eyes."  I never really knew how to take this but I've come to terms with it.  There's pirate treasure in there, mates!
  • My natural hair color is a medium chestnut, but after I dyed it reddish that one time I never could seem to get the red out - so now my natural color is auburn?
  • I'm prone to freckles, and I love them.  They're youthful, and remind me that I've been in the sun.  Always a happy thought.
  • I have a birth-mark on my right calf that is somewhat browner than the rest of my skin and looks like a constellation.  I get it from my mom, who also has one.  When she was a kid, she used to try and get her summer tan to match her birthmark.  Unfortunately this doesn't work (I've tried).
  • I hate wearing bras.  Fortunately I live in Europe and I'm not exactly busty, so it's not a problem.  (TMI?)
  • I love exercising.  Weather/time permitting, I prefer to run 3-5 miles 3-5 days a week, with workout videos for toning.  I also walk about 100 million miles whenever I have errands and/or social engagements because, like I said, I live in Europe and I am without vehicle.  (Yes, I do occasionally refer to this as if it were a terminal condition like cancer.)
  • Since moving to Denmark, my diet is usually something like this: fruit/eggs/coffee for breakfast, forgetfulness for lunch, veggie salads/soup for dinner, one glass of wine (I do not live off of cucumbers alone, so whatever my sister Sarah tells you: she's lying).  Will choose salt over sugar any day (as my grandmother used to say, I belong to "THE Salt Family").  Should probably drink more water.
  • I've always disliked being 5'3" short, having long-leg envy and all.  The way I feel about it is sort of like Anne-with-an-E feels about her red hair.  I'll get over it, I'm sure.  Until then, I'll buy three-inch heels.

See? Perfectly normal.  
You can tell by looking at the adorable kid I produced.


  1. This was so fun to read! You are gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer


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