The Guernsey Travels, Abridged

The Guernsey Travels
~ Abridged ~
 (because I'm lazy). 

If you'd like to see all 60-something full-sized photos, you can find them here.  Otherwise, be prepared to read between the (short) lines for adequate details. Or possibly check out Sarah's blog in a few days, seeing as she (possibly) intends to update.  She may or may not be writing a post as we speak.  

Pictured Above: Us in the Pandora Hotel, downtown St. Peter Port.  We arrived (along with a gusty rain) on the evening of the thirteenth, after a series of harrowing misadventures in Gatwick Airport.  May we never travel through there again.

St. Peter Port, a city of happy little cafes, beautiful scenery, colorful boats, and, of course, the setting of the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society novel, which is why we went in the first place.  They'll be filming the movie next year, starring Kate Winslet as Juliet.

Colorful flags hang from the rooftops canvasing the downtown streets and making the city festive all year long.  Or possibly they hung them to celebrate the Olympic torch relay (the first time the route went through Guernsey and we were there to witness it - lucky us).

The Tom-Cats, a group of charming Frenchmen with their instruments and black berets, performing at the city center. Wish you could've heard them.  They made us laugh.

Then we actually saw a black cat, peeking through a window.
So naturally I took a photo, having a thing for cats and all.

High tea at Pesto Pasty.  Berry Black and Gunpowder Green, along with baked traditional and apple pasties.  We drank an exceptional amount of tea in Guernsey while pretending to converse in British accents (Jane Austen quotes, mostly).  This was by far our most delicious dining experience, minus the complimentary breakfast at the Pandora each morning (accompanied by a delightful French concierge who daily informed me that I had a 7 AM call which he promptly disconnected because he felt disoriented), and far outshining the odd dining experience at the Terrace Garden, which claimed to be Asian and Italian cuisine (?) but failed miserably at both.  We were later informed that you should only go there for the beer and the view.

Evelyn Cottage, possibly in St. Martin.  I can't say for sure because we spent a lot of time on buses and/or wandering by foot, without a clue regarding our whereabouts since apparently street signs are unnecessary in Guernsey (as the island circumference is under 30 miles, I can't say I blame them).

Sarah, overlooking the Jerbourg Cliffs.  See below.

The cliffs are breath-taking. 

In fact, the entire island is breath-taking ... 

Which is why,
if you told me you could only visit one place in Europe, 
I'd recommend Guernsey first.
(Says the girl with fairly limited experience thus far.)

This is us having a few pints of Randall's Patois at Rockmount Cafe in Cobo Bay.  Best beer ever.  Also we met a local chap named Keiron who was singularly entertaining.  I won't say why.

We caught the last bus leaving Cobo and got a final tour of the island the evening before our departure.

Cobo will always be my favorite, though.
As I decided during my last visit.

And I'll go back again someday ... 
despite Gatwick.


  1. Thank you for the lovely photos. I wish I could see them in real life. Maybe one day. The flowers were my favorite...daisies...along with the ladies lace etc. How pretty.


  2. loving the flowers miss daisy ;) I wanna backpack somewhere with a friend. I need some adventures.

  3. gosh, those photos of the place were wonderful.
    i'm sure you knew i thought so, from the evidence of my facebook stalking and giving you tons of notifications. heh.

    glad you had a good time! :)


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