Saturday. I wrote things down as they came to me.

This morning was the last Family Network group for the summer.
Which is kind of sad, actually.
Hannah just turned one, and she stole Tim's heart.  He adores that baby.
After which the The Apartment Search happened.  Trying to move by November.
And then Roskilde Jazz Festival at the Viking harbor, next to my apartment.
I'm thinking of taking one of those classes - to learn how to make a viking boat.
Or possibly I should take the infamous viking boat journey from Denmark to England.
What do you think?
Isaac turned into Superman mid-evening, as per usual.
Otherwise ... I have a work project I need to spend some quality time with ... but ...
I'm procrastinating.
I have a Coldplay song stuck in my head, as per usual.
We made dumplings and asparagus for dinner, with wine,
And I went on a quick 5k run around my neighborhood.
And now ... thinking of watching a mockumentary. 
So, that's been my Saturday.
How's yours?


  1. really - why do our lives follow each other? Our complex just informed us they're raising the rent $150 as of September, so we're moving too. yay! Be thankful you've already had to downsize alot, less stuff to move :) Your dinner sounds amazing - :) love you

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  3. I want to take guitar lessons. I am not allowed near power tools so the viking boat is out. But I think I could pull off the guitar. Not that I actually have TIME right now, but it is on my list of things to learn.

    Moving? What did I miss....



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