If you don't know what to make of this, then we will not relate

My sisters are going home tomorrow. Bummer.

They have been here almost a month, and yet Isaac still hasn't managed to learn Stephanie's name.  When they went backpacking through Ireland, he asked for Sarah every day.  When they got back, he said "Hi Sawah!" and then pointed to Stephanie and said, "What's that?"

June's been an adventurous month, what with all the trains and buses and different countries and getting lost and being caught in the rain and moving into Ikea and all.  Not to mention the Native American street musicians who, for whatever reason, seemed to be following us everywhere we went.

(Yes, they've come to Denmark, along with their plumed headgear and flutes.  I'm told the Danes found their initial performances exciting, but as that was many moons ago it has long since lost its charm.  Perhaps they should send some original Vikings over to America - you know, to balance things out.  They can wear helmets and build ships and paddle across the great lakes ... or something.)

Naturally we're going to spend our last evening together in Roskilde's Kaffekilden, drinking Jonatin's coffee (if he's there) ... in preparation for The Sad Day that is tomorrow.

>>>>>>>>>>  <<<<<<<<<<

Now who will drink copious amounts of coffee with me while listening to The Head and the Heart on repeat?  Or quote Gilmore Girl's like a real conversation?  Or make The Most Disgusting Sandwiches in the world and still eat them (FIVE TIMES)?  Or write excessively stupid post card notes about absolutely nothing to mail home at the low-low cost of $4 each (baa-ram-ewe!)?  Or take up residence on the jumping pillow by the fjord?  Or watch Japanese anime films in Danish?  Or deal with Excessively RUDE Pranks (you know who you are ...JOSH)?  Or re-enact 'Singing in the Rain' in public? (We actually do this.)  Or pretend we can talk to goats?  (Also this.)  NO MORE HAPPINESS!

... Le sigh.


  1. Aw, sorry your sisters are going home. I always love reading your posts. So real and touching.

  2. Bummer. I have no sisters so now you can relate to how sad my entire life has been.

    I can't get to your etsy by clicking on the page tab. I had to go back like, 20 posts! See how much I love you!


    ~ Your weird friend, Jenn ~

  3. I so wish my sister and I got on as well as you and yours do. I'm so jealous.

    Although they are leaving your side, they will be with you always.


  4. i relate.
    my sympathies are with you for tomorrow's Sad Day. :( boohoo.

  5. Just realized how similar we are!(yes I realize that sounds oddly stalkerish seeing as I've never actually met you)
    1. My mother and I watch Gilmore Girl reruns on a daily basis like it's part of our religion or something. I've probably seen the entire series at least 3 or 4 times over.
    2. My dreams in life are to open a coffeehouse with my mom, become a world-traveler with an awesome hippie vibe, and convince someone (through any means necessary) to publish a book with my name embossed on the cover.
    3. I've been struggling to get tickets to see The Head and the Heart all week!
    4. I'm part Danish and I've always dreamed of living in Denmark. You're so lucky!
    5. I'm a devout member of the cult known as "track" and pretty much run everyday rain or shine because somehow it just makes life happier.

    Yup, writing this made me feel like a creep...ohwell


( hippies always welcome )