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The winner of my postcard giveaway is:

n a o m i
 >>> C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S <<<  

(Comment 28 of 40; I tried to include the number generator thingy but it was taking too long.  Patience being my strong suit and all, I got mad and deleted it mid-process.)  Hope you enjoy the post-cards, Naomi!  And to everyone else: thanks for entering!  I will be holding more in the future.

: in other news :
I made it back to Denmark on Monday, bleary-eyed and jet-lagged with two exhausted sisters in tow.  Despite the fact that Air Canada did not delay flights or lose baggage, my dislike for them has grown by leaps and bounds.  To be perfectly fair, it has nothing to do with Air Canada.  I'm just really feeling my exhaustion right now.  You know how it is ... 10ish hour flight, a day of errands, 8ish hours to NC coast, a simply beautiful day taking wedding photos -

congratulations dz and chloe dahlin! 
- five days filled with family calamities - see post below for details -
- actually I'll just paste that bit in here, in case you missed it.  We really outdid ourselves this time: Dad stepped on a reed that went up his foot; Mom got kidney stones and had to go to the ER; Josh got some kind of skin infection; Noah got a foot fungus; I got heat rash; Steph's nose ring got infected; Matt got badly sunburnt; Tiffany was eaten by mosquitoes; Sarah twisted her ankle; Peter face-planted while boogie-boarding; Luke turned 14, among various other things involving blood ... and Lydi got stung by a jellyfish.   
(I would like to add a correction - Peter did not lose skin while boogie-boarding.  Upon arrival, he immediately ran down to the beach and face-planted into the water.  Possibly our family should go to the beach more often so as to make it slightly less exciting.  On the upside, my sisters and I are thinking of turning the beach fiasco into a comic series entitled We Have Problems.)
- immediately followed by an 8ish hour drive back to GA, a ton of frantic packing (a hateful thing), a 2-hour drive to the airport, and a 10ish hour flight home - TADA!  (I feel like I did a magic trick so that's why I'm ta-da-ing.  Nevermind.  It made sense in my head.)
Tangent: Why do flight attendants think a cold banana is a good breakfast option?  "GOOD MORNING!" (they scream), "I can see you didn't sleep a wink and your neck is doing a weird crooked thing and your eyes are twitching but lookie here!  I've brought you a freezing cold banana AND a complimentary napkin!"  ... So naturally I ate the napkin and washed it down with The Worst Coffee in the World.  At least I think it was coffee.
And now I am home.  Up to my ears in a data project I should have finished before I left, probably, or at least while I was there but ... I ... didn't.

But the main thing is ... I WAS AT THE BEACH!


  1. first LOL. Second sad I've missed so many of your post.

  2. Ta Daaa....is exactly what I was thinking before reading. However, when I read it for some reason you screamed it at me...


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