Speaking of Which ...

My apologies in advance; this post will be matching my currently scatter-brained frame of mind.  That's Monday for you.

First things first - we have a winner for the Copy-Kids DVD!  Polly Davies of this Enchanted Pixie (one of my favorite artsy-mama blogs so you should definitely check it out if you haven't yet).  Polly, please send me your address so I can ship your prize, and your kids can start eating all things raw and organic!

Secondly, a little update.  I know I haven't been posting as often as usual, and here's why:

Launching Isaac into the world of All Things Preschool (which means many little errands and a half-dozen mornings spent in a sandbox); the busy season for data has apparently begun (which means my face has been intermittently glued to an excel spreadsheet); preparation for the soon-to-come etsy shop has commenced (it's officially opening THIS WEEK so be sure to look for my celebratory giveaway); the picture book is being tweaked for publication via LuLu (hoorah!); bloggy-freelancing what-have-you has taken up all spare time (remind me to tell you about this later - it involves a quote about Rolling's Reliable Baking Powder); pollen season has arrived and brought all kinds of happiness into our home; not to mention I am flying out this week for a stateside wedding.  Of course I have not packed because, well, you know.  I hate packing.


Thus the depletion of nine-ish cups of coffee before noon.  I say 'ish' because my cup of choice is really more like a small bowl with a handle than anything else.

Some more unrelated things (in no particular order):

1) Everytime I'm out and about, I bump into a set of American Mormons attempting to convert the Roskilde populace.  They seem to have grown rather fond of me, due to what I can only imagine is my utter American-ness, and the fact that their Danish sounds no worse than mine.  I've begun referring to them as 'our little Mormons' and will be having them over for a coffeeless dinner (although I hope they realize that they shan't convert me.  I wouldn't give up coffee for any religion).

2) A stray thought: the two most disappointing things about Denmark to many Americans appear to be a) Amsterdam is not in Denmark, and b) they do not eat danishes here.  Or at least, if they do, they do not call them danishes.  I have yet to find one, at any rate.  (Yet again the appalling geographical ineptitude of many Americans rears its ugly head - you have no idea how many times I've had to say, "No, I did not move to Holland."  And, yet again, our appalling misunderstanding of foreign foods becomes apparent.  Authentic Chinese food doesn't taste like that either, people).

3) This is funny: BBC Vienna Cat Cafe.  After all these movies about what would happen in the 21st century - hovering skateboards and anthropomorphic robots and so on, what we have here is a huge break-through, people.  You can take your cats out for coffee now.

4) Three things about me you may not have known (necessary in all scatter-brained posts):

          a)  The first time I got a B in college (on a quiz that was worth, at most, 5 points), I went back to my dorm room and had a breakdown.  I called my mom and told her I was dropping out of college because I was going to fail anyway.  (I am not making this up, you can ask her.)  Fortunately I lived.  I went on to eventually get a C (Astronomy, senior year – I got sick and skipped the midterm and it was worth 30% of my grade), and I’ll tell ya … I didn’t even care because I hated school at that point and just wanted the semester to end it didn’t matter.  And that was possibly the most important thing I learned in my entire college career.

          b) I deeply dislike having an audience while exercising.  To clarify further: Roskilde is getting new sidewalks (apparently).  They're doing my neighborhood right now, which means my entire running route is a stretch of missing sidewalk and several crews of shirtless, tattooed men wearing hard-hats.  May I just say - you try running normal when a construction crew is staring at you.  You can't.  If you're like me, you become utterly convinced that you're doing a silly run (Forrest-Gumpish if you will) and guess what.  You are!  I am now running in the evenings, after work hours.

        c) I have never used an ATM machine.  This just occurred to me last week.  The fact of the matter is, I usually carry a debit card and cash (from the teller at my bank who, incidentally, can’t count) … or I am going grocery shopping anyway so I get cash-back.  I have no idea how I am 26 years old and have managed to entirely avoid this, on accident no less.  Tim doesn’t believe me.

5) Isaac in May FB Statuses, slightly tweaked (every so often I like to paste them into a blog post so I don't lose them.  Wouldn't want to miss out on any future opportunities to embarrass him):

Whenever we say "I love you" to Isaac, he says "thank you." Apparently he hasn't decided if he loves us back yet.

Lately, Isaac's been Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth class). He crouches down on the floor, cups his face in his hands, and says, "Wall-E Holgate." In the Wall-E voice.

At preschool today: Isaac told me the names of all the cookie cutter shapes. Only he calls the gingerbread man 'Isaac.' "A star, a heart, a Isaac!"

Isaac has this adorable habit of happily exclaiming "For ME?!" whenever I give him anything (even basic necessities; and he says it with surprise, as if he didn't actually expect me to give him food that day).

 6) Here is what it looks like outside:

My coffee bowl is now empty.  Speaking of which ... Goodbye.


  1. Oh no! I completely agree with you on the running with an audience thing. Its one of the reasons I now have an eliptical. Even with your headphones cranked up to top notch you can still FEEL the works being said as you stumble on by. Good luck running in the evenings.

    My youngest got her first B on a test worth about 10 points and you would have thought the Earth rotated on its axis and tossed us into space, it was so tramatic. She's only 10. I have a feeling our acedemic years are about to get rough.....on me.


  2. that "for ME?!" status cracks me up.
    really, really, really cracks me up.

  3. Danish pastries in Denmark are called Wienerbrød. I means bread from Vienna. Like us, they also pass the buck onto another country. In Vienna they probably call it Französisch Brot :)

  4. The Illustrator's WifeMay 15, 2012 at 1:29 PM

    You are very funny. I've been catching up on your blog, reading the posts I've missed, and I just have to tell you, one writer to another so I know how we writers appreciate these things - you have such a wonderful, distinctive voice. It's genuinely FUN to read what you have to say, even the random stuff. :)

    And also, what's this about Rolling's Reliable Baking Powder? I recognized that reference and immediately needed to hear your story!


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