Baby Olgate

All things pertaining to Isaac:

(you may have already seen these on my fb wall)

After all this time trying to get Isaac to write words with a pencil, we have finally discovered The Secret to Writing. Cooked spaghetti noodles. He spelled out his name and everything. Twice, actually, since I ate the original 'S.'

Isaac made up a new song and he sings it every morning. It goes like this: No no no, bus-a-bus, no no no, bus-a-bus, dad said no. ... He must've been very upset about the incident.

Since learning his last name (which, incidentally, he pronounces Olgate, h being a complicated letter and all), Isaac's been calling his little blue elephants Baby Olgates.

Isaac the Conniver: early this morning he lured Tim out of bed (by screaming DADDY DADDY DADDY), forced him to sit on the couch with him until Tim fell back asleep, and then left him there and stole his place in bed. I love my kid.

Just video-skyped with Tim so Isaac could see what he does at work. Except it quickly ended up with Tim drawing pirates and boats on a dry-erase board while Isaac yelled, "AAARRRGH!"

I told Isaac to look out at the sky to see the birds, and he said, "No, mama, turn around, see?" and pointed to the bird tattoo on my back. "Mama birdies!"

Isaac got a buzz cut today because his mother had a "woops" moment while trimming the back of his hair. Fortunately, he seems rather pleased with himself ... or so I gather from the excessive posing in front of the bathroom mirror.

Isaac has a really good arm. He just clocked Tim with a clementine.

While having lunch: Isaac- What's that? Me- Broccoli. Your favorite food last year, remember? Isaac- Oh, a tree! ... And now he's building a broccoli-and-lego village on the floor. Great.

Whenever I put Isaac down for a nap (daily; a tradition that will continue until next month when he starts preschool so mommy doesn't pull out her hair), I try to lower the blind on the big window next to his bed.  He says, "No!  Mommy?  Need sun!"  And I am always sorely tempted to reply, "Sorry kiddo.  We live in Denmark." 

Isaac found a glittery lightning-bolt sticker and has been wearing it on his forehead for two days now. Is this normal behavior for little boys? 


... I hope he appreciates all these nice little embarrassing memories I'm storing up for him (and sharing with the rest of the world) ...


  1. What a cutie! My son won't use a pencil to write either. My son put a sticker on my arm last night and it's still there. Isaac and I match. YAY!!! :) Don't feel bad about the buzz cut. I actually cut the back of my son's ear with the trimmer last week while cutting his hair. He was just getting used to the thing and now I fear he's tramautized for life. Nap time is a daily routine here too. It's key to my very survival!

  2. These Isaac stories are the best! He is just too cute :-)

  3. i really like the lightning bolt sticker.
    just have to say that.


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