You Had Me At Coffee

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* He makes me coffee on Saturday mornings.  * He crushes up ice cubes for me because he knows I like them that way.  * He tirelessly tells me that my front teeth are not overlapping (my worst fear.  I wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and realize I have a snaggle tooth).  * He writes me post-it notes and hides them in my books.  The last one was a picture of a shoulder bag, entitled “leather satchel.”  No idea.  * He dyes my hair for me and then tirelessly re-dyes it when I don’t like the color.  (This has happened at least four times.)  * He buys me clothing articles and then consoles me when I find out that I hate them.  * He offers me piggy-back rides when my feet hurt because I wore the cute boots with the absurd heel, even though he told me they’d make my feet hurt before we left.  * He lets me wear his scarf when I’ve forgotten mine.  * He doesn't mind when I make him look at all my pinterest boards, pin by pin by pin by pin.  * He massages my hands every morning because I have this unconscious habit of sleeping with my hands balled up into fists, so they always hurt when I wake up.  * He takes Isaac out for long walks when he sees I will pull my hair out otherwise.  * He says he'll live in Florida with me, if that's what I really want, even though he hates Florida.  * He knows my favorite drinks are coffee, screw-drivers, white wine, and grateful dead's, in that order, and that I'll take grapefruit juice over soda any day.  * He patiently listens to me read dozens of really crappy novels out loud to him, and a few really good ones, and he doesn’t make fun of me for mispronouncing the occasional word (hazards of having been homeschooled).  * He puts up with my tidal wave mood swings, and desperately tries to keep up.  * He lets me take up ¾’s of the bed even though I’m 5’3” short and only weigh 105 lbs and really don’t need it.  * He wakes up with me at 4 AM because I have that kind of insomnia wherein you wake up too early.  * He watches the Gilmore Girls with me. To the point where when I wake up at midnight and say, “I had a scary dream about monsters,” he says, “Oh, you know that Gilmore Girl episode in which Rory shoplifts a box of starch?  Well, I just had a dream about all the different kinds of starch in the world.”  (He has tremendously boring dreams, I think.  Either that or "very important thickening needs.") * He humors me when I finish my toning workouts, flex, and then say, “Look, babe, I’m getting the big guns.   Pretty soon I’ll be able to take you.”  * He is aware that my favorite kind of date is in a coffeehouse with a novel wherein the person you are dating is essentially ignored.  * He reads the sales ads every week so we can save on groceries, and he is excessively bothered when we thought we got a good deal on wine glasses and got ripped off instead.  * He dictates directions for me so I don’t get lost, walks me through them step-by-step with Google street view, draws maps, and then stays on the phone with me after I get lost anyway.  * He finds my extreme stubbornness charming (this may be a lie).  *  He doesn't mind when I beat him at bowling or ping pong and then dance around him pointing and laughing (those are the only things I can beat him at).  * He doesn't turn me in when we're playing a really long board game with other people, and he knows I'm cheating because I'm so bored.  * He likes to cook things. *

... And just for the record, I did not write this post because I feel sorry for yesterday's.  Yesterday's post was brilliant and I'm sticking to everything I said  :)



  1. He sounds lovely and wonderful and just oh so right for you:D

  2. I know Tim ( little bit) - and it seems to me he really is that kind of guy :-)

  3. Don't you just love husbands?? Tim sounds a lot like my husband Chris and you sound just like me when I beat Chris at bowling hehehe....Chris and I are both so competitive but in a fun way...

    Husbands drive us crazy but really what would we do without them.....?

  4. D'aww, this makes me want to write a similar post :) You two are adorable.

  5. this is absolutely adorable and made me smile A LOT:) you sound like the perfect match.


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