Wednesday Amenities Post 18

This Week's Practical Link-List
... have fun ...

(a healthy approach to better skin)

Angela Parker Free, Five-Minute Toning Videos (sans equipment):
Core  |  Legs Abs  |  Arms  Butt

I like to do reps of these videos on the days I'm not running because they require little time, no equipment, and next to no space. 

For more information on Body Inspired Health and Fitness, visit Angela's website and blog.  The idea behind Body-Inspired Fitness is staying fit without boot-camp routines or whistles and gyms, and is specifically designed for people who do not have much time to devote to exercise.

A life-saver.

Isaac has already learned how to sign the alphabet!

(Thanks for recommending this, you).

Actually, don't go here either.

One last thought, before I go:



  1. Hi there

    Is Blog Services Inc like using Adsense through blogger and was there a financial layout for the blogger?? And thanks for the packing tips too.. :)

  2. i love that picture you posted. that's a great quote.

    as for all the links i shouldn't visit...i'm going to.
    haha. thanks.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!! This is why I blog... LOL I know I cant be the only one ;-)

    Once again, love this post

  4. ohh, great stuff here! i can't wait to check out those exercise videos.


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