Happy Aimless Wandering

I know you're expecting the usual Monday Amenities post,
but today I thought I'd take a break
and tell you about the first few days of March.

Tim found a 10-clip in a puddle, so we hitched a free ride to Copenhagen.
After getting off at the station, we made our first stop
at this darling little coffee shop.
It's every bit as small as it looks, with a spiral staircase heading upstairs ...
where I think I would live, if I were the proprietor.
(Who, incidentally, looks a great deal like Ted Danson in Cheers.)

I love the place. 

I also kind of love this post box, because it's so spiffy.

Then, because it felt so much like spring, 
we had an impromptu picnic in the park,
with blankets and books and a sandwich or two.

Isaac really wanted me to take a picture of his stick.
So.  There it is.

One of my favorite things about Copenhagen is all the color.
The downtown area is like an ancient brick rainbow,
one colorful building after the next.

... My second favorite thing would be the way people just sit anywhere they please,
simply because the sun is shining and ... why not?

This brick building is a church on one side, and a restaurant on the other.
With a big sign that says "I AM NOT A CHURCH"
hanging down the side.

I just liked how the bicycles lined the tunnel.

A little flower shop.

For the remainder of the afternoon, we wandered from street to street
... finding our way into all the little thrift shops,
which turned out to be very eclectic and retro.

Isaac tried to pick some toy flowers. 
Which proved to be a huge disappointment,
as they had next to no smell.

... The train ride home with books and play-dough.  
Somewhat uneventful, other than an accidental shower of m&m's
onto the carpeted floor.

The next day was a bit chilly, but still sunny.
We went to the park in Roskilde, next to the library.

And mucked around in the mud for a bit.
Aren't my boys adorable? ... ♥

Cat-tails!  I love these things.  They're so fluffy I could die!
Little tufts of fuzz continuously floating in the air.

... And we visited the farmer's market, and the bagel shop, and another thrift store
... Where we found some bottles and coke glasses and a pyrex dish ...
Which made Tim very happy because, for whatever reason,
he really wanted to make a casserole that night.

And, after all that happy aimless wandering around Roskilde,
we came home tired and hungry.
As you can see ...
By Isaac's grand entrance (above).
(He does this every time.)

 I spent the rest of the weekend happily ensconced in a Sayers' novel,
and can't say I remember much else aside from whodunit.

How was your first of March?


  1. You do realize your life sounds like a Weepies lyric, don't you? <3 lol

    I LOVE the picture of the gals sitting in the street picking up sunshine. People act crazy when there's sun-- I love it. ;)

  2. I think my absolutele favorite was the flower shop. That made my day since staring out my window, the only view I have is of snow. Ick.

    This was a lovely post. I so need to stop over her more often. It always brightens my mood.


  3. I can see why you loved the coffee shop it looks so inviting and like you'd just want to stay there for hours with friends having coffee. The flower shop is gorgeous,I absolutely love fresh flowers and they all looked like they just wanted to be taken home.You really are living in a beautiful place, it makes me want to come and see it for myself. Don't you just love weekends spent wondering around where you live and finding new treasures?? I know I do.

    My first few days of March were mostly spent at the beach in the beautiful sunshine we've been having. I'll be blogging about it a bit later today so have a read if you have time.

    Here's to fun weekends:-)

  4. What a neat town. Your life is so interesting my friend! Love reading about your adventures.

  5. wow, copenhagen looks like such a fantastic city! i could spend hours looking at those pictures and dreaming of going there. i think the coffee shop and flower shop pictures were my favorite...like something out of a movie! what a sweet way to bring in the month of march:) and hopefully it's warming up for you a bit!


( hippies always welcome )