... Saturday Morning ...

A nice cloudy overcast kind of day.
Look, my bottle collection grew.
I need more blues.

Me falling asleep on the table after my morning run.

Some much needed caffeine.
Coffee for Tim, tea for me (!), cocoa for Isaac.

Tim and Isaac wrestling on the couch.

Isaac laughing hysterically about ... something.

Little Feverkins playing with his toys.

(Isaac's ball of choice.  He has a good arm.  
He clocked Tim with one right in the kisser this morning.)

Much of the weekend will be spent doing those lists of things ... you know, the things you say you're going to do all week long, so you don't have to do them on the weekend?  
Best intentions.  Sigh.
And, at some point, we will heat up the leftover dumplings and veggies and crepes we all made last night, at our Chinese dinner party (oh so good).  And read some novels.  And if we're really lucky, figure out what's wrong with Amazon Instant Video so we can finally watch Hugo.  


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend :) I love those photos of Isaac.

  2. tea? tea for you?!
    what kind of tea....?

    mmm, i love crepes.
    i haven't seen hugo yet...


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