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Over the past few weeks, I've had an email correspondence with a girl named Jessica and a subject line that reads: An American Living in Copenhagen.  Jess found me via the blog and we've had a lovely time discussing life in Denmark from an expatriate's perspective.

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As a fellow book-lover, I'm thrilled to feature Jess in this week's Book Blog posting.


What are you reading right now? 

I am reading a book called Divergent by Veronica Roth.

Do you like it so far? 

Love it! It is a little like The Hunger Games trilogy, but a bit darker, in a certain way. They are both about corrupt societies, but the intentions of the people in this book can be more sinister. I would also say that it is more violent, in that you really feel the violence the way it is described.

What would you consider your favorite book? 

Hm... that is a really tough question! I own about 300 books, so picking one is so hard, but I have to say that the book that I can always read over and over again is Twilight. I know, so lame, but the story is sweet and easy to get sucked into. If we are going by the most well written book I love, then I would have to say Harry Potter. The way that Rowling's imagination works and the way she is able to weave the storylines together is incredible!

What book(s) made the biggest impression on your life? 

Well Twilight again. When I met my husband, I was so into the books. My friends made him promise to read all 4 before he proposed, and he used Edward's words (I promise to love you forever. Every single day of forever.) to propose. We used the Eclipse book as our ringholder. ::makes sheepish face:: Also, it is amazingly easy to bond with new people over a love for a book. I have made many good friends through Twilight, especially in Denmark where it can be hard to make strong connections.

What is one of your least favorite books and why? 

I kinda hate Wuthering Heights. I feel it is so overrated, for a 'love' story. I guess maybe I have never experienced that turbulent love where you are so infatuated with each other that you continuously try to sabotage each other's happiness. I thought they were both such mean & selfish people, but to each their own. I have some friends that rave about it, but it's not my cup of Victorian tea....

What five books would you recommend to a stranger? 

I would recommend The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, but we will count that as one for now. I am almost done Divergent by Veronica Roth, so I would recommend that as well. I really love the Vampire Diaries series by Richelle Mead, and I think there are 8 of them. I love supernatural books, but also some great fiction. I love Emily Griffen. Something Borrowed and Something Blue are great as a pair. Baby Proof is another great one. There is a biography of Patti Boyd called Wonderful Tonight that I would recommend to any fan of The Beatles or Eric Clapton. It is a really intriguing read. As you can see, I have only chosen books I think are 'fun'. I am not too into deep soul searching when it comes to reading, since it is my escape from the everyday, and I just wanna have fun...

Where do you usually buy your books? 

Well, since I live overseas, I usually get them from Amazon.co.uk. However, there are 2 bookstores in Copenhagen that have English books: Arnold Busck, and Politiken Boghandel. I also read books in Danish, so sometimes I can pick up some cheap ones at the local grocery stores...

Do you like your Nook better than an actual Book (asked Dr. Suess)? 

No way! There is something so sweet and nostalgic about holding a book. If you can go to a second-hand bookshop and find some really old ones? Sometimes I don't even read them, I just like the smell of old paper.

Do you have any favorite children’s books from your childhood? 

Where the Wild Things Are was always one of my favorites. Also Angelina Ballerina, about a dancing rat. I actually owned 5 rats in my childhood that were probably seriously influenced by that little pirouette-ing rat...

What’s on your reading list for 2012? 

Well, Insurgent comes out in May, which is the next book in the Divergent series, but I would also like to start reading some more autobiographies about rock stars... I like Russel Brand's Booky Wook for instance...

What book made you laugh the hardest? 

To be completely honest, it was a British book I was reading about 5 years ago that was called Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Kissing, about a girl with tons of unfortunate problems. The first chapter revolves around her shenanigans dressed as a green cocktail olive...

Cry the most? 

Any Nicholas Spark's book makes me cry hysterically at some point or another... don't read too many of those for that same reason.
Which author do you quote most often? 

Yikes, does Will Ferrell in Anchorman count as an author? Otherwise I don't... I am not a quote kind of person, but I do have the Hans Christian Anderson's quote 'To travel is to live' tattooed on my ribs in Danish...

If you were to write a book, what would the genre be? 

Hmm... I actually started writing about 5 books, but I always get about 10 pages in and have to stop when my imagination dries up. I thought about publishing a book of unfinished short stories, but for some reason no one was interested. But they are all fiction stories with a little bit of my own life thrown in.

Do you like to read books out loud? 

Yuck, no. Only kids books should be read aloud, or books to kids, otherwise I get very annoyed at people reading to me.

If you could write like any author, who would you choose? 

Chuck Palahniuk probably. I think he has such a dry, interesting way of writing. Rand was a good book, albeit completely weird.

What is your favorite reading spot? 

In the winter it is my couch with its very comfortable chaise lounge. In summer I like to lay in the garden of our apartment building or our porch. We get sunlight out there from sun up to sun down, it is perfect for sunbathing. In summer in Denmark, that can be around 8 am to 10 pm.

If you could be a character in any book, who would you choose? 

So many! And for so many different reasons, but I think that I would be Patti Boyd, simply for the reason that I had the biggest crush on George Harrison. Although having some sort of super power and being able to live forever would definitely help me learn all the languages I want and better my piano playing.

... Thanks, Jess!

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