A Wild Thing

. : ISAAC : .

Latest Interests:  Japanese movies and comic books.  He loves them.  I actually prefer them as well, because (in the case of movies, at any rate), the art is colorful, detailed, and expressive (oh so expressive), the soundtracks are usually pleasant, and I can turn them on without being distracted because, hey, I have no idea what the plot is about.  And even if it were in English, I would still have no idea what the plot is about (there are some seriously confusing things happening in those movies).  Our absolute favorite is Ponyo (Ponyo LOVES Sôsuke!), which, as far as I can tell (and I've watched it a good hundred times), is about a little boy and a goldfish who becomes a real girl (there's also some stuff in here about tsunamis, a nursing home, a man with really big hair, and a floating goddess).  We're also mildly fond of Howl's Moving Castle but I'll go ahead and admit right now that I can't make heads or tails of it.  The plot makes zero sense.

 ... Not to worry, Isaac's still mildly obsessed with cars and elephants as well.  And balloons.  He really likes balloons.

Newest Adventure:  At the risk of coming off as that bad mom (you know the one) whose kid didn't sleep in his own bed until age four, Isaac just got his own bedroom (oh wait, that's exactly how it comes off sounding).  In my defense, the bakery rental and our cabin in Georgia did not really have the space (or an extra room, for that matter), so he had to wait until we got into this apartment.  He spent his first night alone in there on January 11th.  As far as I know, it went well.  Only problem now is that I have no idea when he gets up in the morning, but I'm assuming it's before 5 AM because by the time I make an appearance, the contents of the refrigerator have long since been distributed and hidden throughout the rest of the house.

... So far, he's got a rug, a little chair, and a borrowed bed in there,  but next month we're going to hit up Ikea (again) and get him some other stuff.  I think I might paint elephants on the walls as well.

Recent Food Preferences:  Well, let's see, that would be milk.  He can't seem to drink enough of the stuff. He's also somewhat fond of sunflower seeds, soup (which he calls soap), yogurt (which he also calls soap), pasta (but only in spiral shapes if cooked and straight spaghetti if uncooked), and just about anything if it has peanut butter on it.

Recent Fashion Preferences:  He mostly wears a full-body snowsuit these days.  It's his favorite piece of clothing (I'm not kidding, and it hasn't even snowed here yet). When I make him take it off, he prefers to wear summer shorts and a t-shirt (odd kid, that one), but only if they are both completely dry and stain-free.  If he gets the slightest bit of water on himself, he must change immediately.

A Few Other Things, Mostly Unrelated:  Takes excessively long showers, in which he likes to generously distribute my shampoo and conditioner down the drain.  Is extremely opposed to the use of the vacuum cleaner, and (I think) somewhat resents its presence in our house altogether.  Likes to pretend he is a pirate (with his forefinger in the shape of a hook and the repeated use of the phrase AAARGH, A PIE!! - which is apparently interchangeable with the word pirate), a puppy (who must crawl on all fours, bark, and fetch balloons), and A Wild Thing (complete with Maurice-Sendak-inspired fingernail claws and yes, he does bite), and you never can quite tell when he'll transform.

... He's a tad bit kooky, I'll admit.


  1. Isaac reminds me of my son. We also enjoy Ponyo. Well, I don't really but he does. My little guy loves milk and yogurt too. I slice bananas and apples in his vanilla yogurt to get him to eat the fruit and he has to sprinkle cinnamon on top. If I sprinkle the cinnamon he gets quite upset with me. He would eat the yogurt, buttered noodles with smoked sausage (which he refers to as "the red sausages") and absolutely nothing else if we let him. At dinner he often drinks all his milk, doesn't eat a bite, then says he's full and asks for yogurt before bed. I guess that's not so bad. At least he's not gorging on soda and candy. My son doesn't like getting his clothes even slightly wet either and he's always wearing shorts. Always! It was cold, grey, windy and 40 degrees last week and our furnace in the house we're renting just doesn't keep up. I was freezing in here and he would not put on warmer clothes - or socks. My son also despises our vacuum cleaner. He has informed me that it's much too loud and it's very rude. He is four and when I begin vacuuming he often says things like, "Mama, could you please stop vacuuming? It's very rude to make all that loud noise in the house." Aye, aye, aye, this child. He won't take showers, though. Only baths. He says he doesn't like the water "sprinkling" on him. And oh boy, I'm sure to take my shampoo and conditioner OUT of the bathtub before he gets in or it's bye bye baby! Kids are a hoot. My son will be starting school this year and I'm really going to miss having him here with me. "Me time" sounds nice but really I think I'll be bored and missing him so much that I might actually have to go back out into the world and get a job. YIKES!

  2. I have to say I completely approve of the little guy's new interest. Katy and I love watching Japanese anime, though we've seen more TV series than movies. I wish I could get him a few episodes of Natsume Yuujinchou (Natsume and the Book of Friends) it features a boy who sees spirits and magial creatures which often gets him into trouble because they usually want his help... or to eat him. Fortunately he has his mostly reliable bodyguard, a powerful creature that most other spirits fear. Unfortunately, the creature takes the form of a very fat cat who drinks to much. Anyway, I bet he'd enjoy it. I still haven't seen Ponyo, but I definitely agree with you about Howl's Moving Castle, I've seen it a few times now and I still am not entirely clear what it's about. ;P


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