The Apartment on Knud Den Stores Vej

Or Small Things Throughout My House ... 
Or A Series of Exceptionally Bad Photos ... 
Or Did You Just Move In? 

(My Internet guy actually said the last one.  Which was a relief because ... I always feel like I need to explain the lack of personal items and wall decor when we have visitors.  Then again, I kind of like it like this.  Also, as I am leaving in another two years, I don't feel particularly inclined to collect things at this point in my life.  Also, I DON'T LIKE A LOT OF STUFF LYING AROUND!  There is an entire blog post hidden in that last sentence; remind me to tell you about it later.)

The paper crane that Ayla taught me how to make.
And the calendar that Ayla gave me.
(Ayla, if you're reading this, you are single-handedly decorating my home.)

This is the plant living on my kitchen counter.  
In the Fuel Cells and Solid State Chemistry Department mug.  
I do so love my nerdy husband.

My scarves.
Also one of the two doors I taped up in book pages.
(The lining was coming off and there was just no fixing it.)
What book had to die in the process, you might ask?
A lovely little British mystery novel by Dorothy Sayers.
And yes I do recommend it.  Highly.
As reading material or wallpaper. 

One of the elephants I just painted on Isaac's bedroom wall.
(If you're familiar with Trafalgar Square Etsy, 
then you know from whenst I copied this.
And yes, it did make me feel a bit like a rat,
but hey, I'm cheap like that.)

This was the other one, flying away with a yellow balloon.

This is Isaac's bedspread,
and the weird deflated elephant thing my sister gave him for Christmas.

This is the bell I put on Isaac's door knob,
so that I'd know when he woke up each morning.
It doesn't work.
In fact, I'm thinking of firing it.

These are the incredibly cool stained glass pieces my aunt made for me.
They do look better in sunlight.
I'll take another photo of them if we ever get sunlight.

This is my couch and the pallet board coffee table we built.
It isn't quite finished.
But Tim broke the hammer, so ...
As you can see, I am in need of colorful throw pillows.

This is Isaac drinking milk.
He is a permanent fixture in my home.
And probably the most colorful.

... So there you have it ...


  1. AW love your home! :) Or, at least what you've shared of it! And your son is so handsome!! Love his eyes!

  2. Why thank you! I just realized I end a good 50% of my posts with ... so there you have it.

  3. I love the photos! I love that you taped book pages to the door! What an idea! I love the elephant you painted on Isaac's wall and the coffee table and your son's beautiful eyes in contrast with his hair and the stained glass and the little plant in the coffee mug and that your husband is a nerd! I love this post! I'm very enthusiastic at 6 am and I use the word love a lot and, yes, I'm a bit too comfortable with exclamation points but I really did love it all. :)

  4. i like your apartment, even if there isn't a lot of stuff in it. feels comfortable and definitely warm. erin likes her house cold, and after 2 nights of that, i'm cranking the heat up in here....

    i want to visit you again.

  5. I would love to have less stuff in our place...we definitely are "clutter" people. Your home seems very clean and light, I love it!


( hippies always welcome )