Monday Amenities Post 5

{ a creative link-list }

No Idea.  I just love the lines in this photograph.


Ernesto Nasimo Graffiti - one of Bulgaria's first street artists.  Fascinating stuff.


Fabric Feathers.  In honor of the recent bird craze, you know.  
Next year, I fully intend to grow my own herb and succulent gardens.


anatomy skeleton arm

Once Tattered Vintage Book Page Prints. 
I do love book art (you may have noticed).
Beauchamping Prints.  My favorites are Love (ASL) and Homestead.
BarkDecor.  Earth-friendly designs.  Must shop here.


Greek Baked Eggs (with leeks, kalamata olives, and goat cheese - yum).
Wonton Wrapper Taco Bites.  Must try this.


Wall of Postcards.  I could stare at this for hours.
Bohemian Gypsy Den.  I want to camp here.
Trendenser Deck (first photo featured in article).  
If I had this deck, I would never leave it.  Never.


RELEVANT: 11 Things to Know at 25ish.  Some good advice in here.


All black-and-whites this week!
William Gedney Photography (1950's-1989 Collection).  
Could not stop staring at these.
Tom Palumbo Photography. I especially like his Art Photography collection.


If only I were wealthy.
(This is what you and everyone else I know would be getting for Christmas.)
Now why is it almost $2000?  Seriously.  Why.


'You're the strangest person I've ever met,' she said.  And I said, 'You too.'  
And we decided we'd know each other a long time.  - Anon

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it. - Aristotle

There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else. - Anon

I hope you step on a lego.  (The ultimate curse.  Use sparingly).  - Anon

HAPPY MONDAY!  (No, really ...)


  1. Heh, La, you always make me smile. I love the "strangest person" quote too.

  2. I have infact stepped on lego's and they hurt like OMG heck. Nasty little buggars are legos.

    I want. Want, want want, a wall of postcards. I think I will get started on that this year. Since I am getting my own office space one of these days, I better start collecting.


  3. i love that first anon quote.

    and the post card wall? inspiring :)

  4. Bark Decor - Wow! I love the turquoise necklace! Beautiful!

    The Boho Den is amazing, as is that Postcard wall! Can you imagine all the inspiration you could get from being in a room like that!?

    I love that magazine article. Enough said :). So very true.

  5. i loved that "things to know before 25" articled. shaun niequist is fantastic. thanks for sharing!

  6. Want that palette headboard, too. I've been wishing for a new bed, though don't need one by any means. The existing, a Crate&Barrel closeout, is great, but lately I'd like to know if a new bed would bring new dreams.


( hippies always welcome )