The Magnificent Meme

... Or some unrelated things I thought I'd share.  Putting them in "meme" form was just an excuse to get them into one blog post.  Calling it magnificent was just ... a lie.  Join in, if you'd like. 

In Keeping with Unrelated Visual Aids.  Also it's true.

Songs Lyrics (of the stuck-in-my-head variety): What can I compare you to ... a favorite pair of shoes?  Maybe my bright red boots, if they had wings.
(Weepies, you guessed it.)

A Goal for Today: Finish painting the last two rooms!  Knocked out the living room, hallway, bedroom, and kitchen in a single afternoon ... but for some reason it is taking me days and days to finish the extra bedrooms. In the interest of full disclosure, I do not foresee myself actually accomplishing this goal today. 

A Toy I would Like to Own: The Pleo Dinosaur.  I had never seen this thing before visiting the Roskilde library, where they actually have one!  And I got to play with it!  Well, they turned it on for my kid but you'd never know it wasn't for my benefit.  Isaac kept saying, "Aww, he's cute."  And then he tried to force-feed it an acorn and it. ended. badly ... 

Movie Quote: 

Helen: I'm calling to celebrate a momentous occasion. We are now *officially* moved in.
Bob: That's great, honey. And the last three years don't count because...
Helen: Because I finally unpacked the last box. Now it's official! Ha ha ha! Why do we have so much junk? 

The Incredibles.  I've been thinking about this quote since moving day, although I guess it doesn't really apply because we only had four duffel bags to unpack.  

If Money Were No Object, I Would: Immediately go finish all of my Christmas shopping.  I do not like shopping unless it is holiday-related.  Then I love it.  Actually that is thinking too small.  If money were no object I would buy a coffee kiosk and a beach and then sit there until the coffee ran out.  Also my barista is Bob Dylon and he brought his guitar.

Unnecessary Side-Note: I realize the word barista is of generic gender, but it sounds weird in reference to a man.  Due to my brief stint studying Spanish, I think it should be baristo.  Then again, that is very-closely related to burrito.  Which is ... irrelevant. 

Something That Bugs Me: Why does Windows 7 have to install new "important" updates every five minutes of my computer's life?  WHY?  WHY?  WHY?  I refuse.  I will just hit postpone every four hours.  Speaking of, what ninny came up with that option?  It should be: Restart Now, In 10 Minutes, Never, and After the Apocalypse. 

Entirely Unrelated: A super tiny octopus.   No idea.

Something Motivational but not Necessarily Cheesy: At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end - Anon. 

Some Things I Find Funny And/Or Do Not Understand:

Claude and Xavier-Francois Lalanne's' Llama furniture.  There are no words.
Forever Lazy Lounge-Wear.  Seriously people?  May I just say, the thing has a drop seat!  Who in their right mind ... Nevermind, I don't want to know.

Lest You Think This Post Too Absurd: Cut me some slack.  I've had a tough week.

If you do this meme and post a link, I will read it.  
I could use a little more absurd.


  1. Hi there, great post. Not sure if you were intending to be funny or not but you put a smile on my face after the day I've had. Not to sound stupid but what is the 'meme'?

  2. Oh, meme can refer to many things, but in this case a blog post with a series of categories/questions that may be answered by any blogger in future posts. Virtual tag, if you will.

    Happy to put a smile on your face!

  3. Hehehe wonderful post :) You made me smile also.

  4. Great post made me smile and even laugh after a hard days work. Will answer it on my blog next week. Need to think about it a bit. Well I found it on SeededBuzz by the way.....

  5. HI there me again got creative a bit faster and here is my entry http://phoenixrisesagain.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/seededbuzz-the-magnificient-meme-das-grossartige-meme/


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