Ten Facts of Her Life : A Meme

I’m jumping on the meme bandwagon (you’ve probably seen this before - here and here at the very least).  This one in particular reminds me of a Whitney Otto quote about a woman who is always making factual lists: This was one fact of her life.  So, without further ado:

1 I have an irrational fear that my front teeth will overlap.  Perhaps it’s not so irrational considering I never had the wisdom teeth on the right side of my mouth removed.  I will periodically ask Tim if they look worse than, say, the week before, to which he tirelessly replies: THEY LOOK THE SAME AS THEY ALWAYS HAVE.  (When I imagined him saying this just now, it wasn’t very tirelessly at all.  Actually, exasperated is the word.)

2 I don’t use word verification on my blog’s comment box because I think the spam is funny.  Especially the ones that say things like, “This post is incomprehensible to me now, but usually I find it very helpful.”

3 My mood corresponds with the weather (which in turn affects how I dress).  If it is raining or storming, I go into creative mode (artsy-hippie clothes).  If, on the other hand, it is merely overcast and cold, I am in a Weepies-and-Literary-Fiction kind of mood (I can think of no better way to describe this state of mind, which is naturally accompanied by gray sweaters).  If it is sunny, I am at my happiest (and wear as little as possible).  That being said, I hate it when the weather changes mid-day for no apparent reason.   It confuses my mood.

4 If Denmark had Northeast Georgia summers (90 + degrees), my family and closest friends (you know who you are), and a Barnes and Noble, I think I could live here forever.  I would also want Ranch dressing (which I cannot seem to find).

5 At the risk of sounding excessively rude, I will admit that the primary reason I frequent coffeehouses (other than the coffee, of course), is to people-watch and eavesdrop.  Even worse, I will later write my observations down in a notebook and filter them into my fiction.  (If you bring me bad coffee, you run the risk of being killed off by my pen.  So to speak.) 

6 Things I hate that occur in movies:  1) When they leave the door open for no reason.  This really bothers me.  2) When a character is sick and spends an excessive amount of time embracing the toilet.  I can’t even watch these scenes.  I spend the entire time thinking about germs.  3) When they sum up a movie with a “happily-ever-after-for-everyone” scene at the end, minus the bad guy who gets walloped.  Just because you want to make a feel-good movie doesn’t mean the senile grandmother has to pair off with a young body-builder (who, by the bye, wasn’t even in the movie to begin with), or the bad guy necessary comes to a bad end.  Sometimes the bad guys ride off into the sunset and the good guys just have another Monday morning.  Observe life, people.

7 I have never loved a website more than I love Pinterest.  I am actually considering creating a board titled Sarah Engel(In honor of my childhood friend, whose FB wall I am forever bombarding with pin links I want her to see).  If you would like your own specialized board and are not Sarah Engel, I will need $10 and a list of your favorite things (I’d much prefer you to sing them like Maria in the Sound of Music, but you may also write them in an email).

8 Holiday-related: I usually have three Thanksgivings per year – two with family and one with college friends (I especially love this one because we are a very multicultural group.  You haven’t had a true Thanksgiving Dinner until you’ve tried a Puerto Rican-Costa Rican-El Salvadorian-Hmong-Korean-Nigerian-Mexican-American Thanksgiving meal).  I am very sorry to miss out this year (being in Denmark and all), so I asked the pastor of our church if we could have a potluck Thanksgiving … and he reserved the entire building!  Also, my lovely American friend Ayla (who understands about turkey and yams) is coming to celebrate with me.  (Happiness.)

9 Also holiday-related: I am abnormally excited about Christmas this year.  I cannot wait to go home and sit in the living room with my family, drink coffee, quote movies, make fun of our ugly ornaments, and complain about the driveway being inaccessible due to ice and snow. 

10 My left foot is almost one shoe size bigger than my right.  Technically I wear sizes 6.5 and 7, but since I cannot afford to buy two pairs of shoes every time I need footwear, one shoe is always wrong.  Which is probably why my feet always bother me.  If I am going to be walking extensively, I will bring two or three pairs of shoes and periodically change them out (ballet flats, cowboy boots, flip flops).  (I hope you didn't just get the same mental picture of myself that I did.)

 … I am suddenly reminded of that scene from Friends where Monica confesses a few of her stranger quirks to Richard, and then accuses him of not loving her anymore.

… And now that I’ve finished, (and you don’t love me anymore), I’m going to have ice cream.

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  1. oh my gosh, i cracked up reading that you think blog spam is funny.
    same here! el oh el.

    ack! i love people-watching and eavesdropping. it almost brings the inspiration i'm needing to start writing fictiona again.

    i've heard that when we're not feeling loved, we eat sugary stuff.....i wonder i it's true.
    [just. kidding.]

  2. LOVE this post. every single one of these things made me smile. and i know i've said this before, but your sense of humor is probably my favorite in all of blogland.

    hope you enjoy your ice cream! :)

  3. sooo excited to come see you. :]

    WHY are you so determined to love B&N? i want you to love indie bookstores. like powells.

    i actually wish i were going back to GA for christmas this year. i'll be in new york, where snow and ice will, 100% without a doubt, scare the shit out of me no matter where we're driving.

  4. I would love to participate, but I don't think mine would ever be as awesome as this post.

    Here is a ranch dressing recipe for you. I have never found a ranch dressing I've liked here....


    And congrats on Thanksgiving! It's always fun sharing Thanksgiving with people from different places!

  5. Thanks everybody - I'm glad my oddities made you laugh. :)

    Nicole - You're a lifesaver. I will make this.

  6. PS Ayla - I do love Indie book stores. In fact, I buy almost all my books from them. I just like to sit in Barnes and Noble. They have the best armchairs and the widest selection of books.

  7. Alright I decided to play along. www.ctnyrene.blogspot.com


  8. The Illustrator's WifeOctober 10, 2011 at 12:24 PM

    You make me laugh. I think because we are so similar. I do the same exact thing at coffeehouses.


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