Oh Auntie Em

This evening we are going on a family-date to Ikea to get various things for our new apartment.  Whatever we can carry on the train, that is.  (Towels, bedding, vacuum, what-have-you.)  Also we love their meatballs (somewhat unrelated, but we will probably have some, so).

I am very excited.

Confession: I love to move places.  This isn't entirely due to my deep-rooted wanderlust, compliments of my early childhood, I think - but also because I love playing with new spaces.  It is a quirk best defined by a Barbara Kingsolver quote - I only wish I had my copy of Animal Dreams with me rather than locked away in storage (or does it belong to my sister?).  Since I cannot give it to you word-for-word, a paraphrase will have to suffice: it's something about how the protagonist would willingly uproot herself from home to home, simply so she could explore odd corners and unexpected closets.

(If you haven't noticed, I simply adore Barbara Kingsolver.  If I could write like anyone, I'd choose her hands-down.)

At any rate, she might as well have been describing me personally. I love to find new spaces and make them unique - and I'm not just talking on hobby terms.  I actually fantasize about blue prints and flea markets.  I have, on a few occasions, convinced Tim to end a date at Home Depot with no purpose in mind other than hanging around the paint department.

This time it's a bit of a challenge because we are living in a foreign country with few material possessions to our name (but we have a coffee-pot, so. That's what matters).  Sort of like starting over from scratch - no, it's exactly like that - which is the thing I love most about this adventure.  When we get home in two years we will still have our old things in storage, but for now we can try something different.

(On a budget, of course - you should see the space I'd create if money were no object.  I can picture it in my head and it is incredible.  However, it does not have a moat or a tunnel or a fallout shelter or a helipad or 75 acres of uncultivated land, which is what Tim imagines).

Also, we've been oh-so-lucky to be offered several free items, like the little blue sofa I mentioned in a previous post.  So if you come to visit, you will have a place to sit.

I can't wait until Tuesday, when The Painting Begins.  (I love to paint. Something about seeing the color go on the wall gives me a "zap."  Case in point, I once painted my living room twice in one day just because I wanted to see it in two different colors.  Actually it was more because I hated the first color and couldn't go to sleep with it on my walls, but let's pretend that's not the real reason.)

Speaking of painting-day, anyone want to borrow my adorable child for a few hours?  I promise he will not bring his trumpet.

Oh, I almost forgot to add my photo-collage.  You didn't think I could end this post without a Pinterest-reference, did you, now?  Just some home-related things I love:

Sources: See my Pinterest Boards Home, Create, and Things.

... And now, if you'll excuse me ... I have some art to finish up.  I am two sketches away from a series of post-card illustrations (which will eventually make their way onto the blog - for sale, in sets).  ♥

... Happy Weekend, Loves!


  1. You definitely put a new spin on moving. I hated it, but your post has got me thinking.

  2. I like the idea of moving new places for this same reason! The actual logistics are what stress me out. Specifically how much CRAP we own!

  3. *squee!* I love Home Depot paint. Every time Dan and I go, I leave with my pockets stuffed with paint swatches. (It'd be very Lorelei, except I steer away from Bright Magenta simply because I hate Paul Anka...the dog, not the dude. :P)

    I love the numbered stairs. <3!

  4. Haha, Chloe - I always take the paint chips and then use the Martha Stewart scrapbook punches to make things with them. ;) No idea why. I didn't like Paul Anka either. Or Luke's stupid daughter.

  5. i LOVE your sense of home style....style...whatever....
    that collage is awesome.

    and i would totally end a date at lowe's or home depot. :D someday..... :)

  6. Love this post! And I too love to start fresh in new places and new spaces! There's something rejuvenating about it.


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