A Collection of Parentheses

Sorry to disappear over the last few days (minus my most recent giveaway which you simply must enter now).  I’ve been in a muddle.  A muddle made of big, life-altering decisions (not to grant them more credit than they are due).  

You know how it is.  You must decide (and soon), so you turn the whole thing inside out and upside down and debate it back and forth (with whoever doesn’t run for the hills at the crazed look of you), but by the end of the day you still come up with … nothing.  You are completely divided (and useless, I might add).   (Also your hair needs washed, your house needs burned down – there’s no saving it at this point – and your kid is wearing his underwear on the outside.)

I'd go into further detail if I weren't so tired of thinking.

Suffice it to say (for better or worse), my decision is made.  I won’t be rethinking it either, as I am happily distracted by a mammoth work project that just said “die.”

The important thing is, this cheered me up significantly:

Marc Johns

In other news … I have officially finished painting (and writing) the children’s book!  The frames are scanned and ready to be edited in Illustrator.  I hope to have it completed by Christmas, when …

I go home for the holidays!  (Now I know something is wrong with me; I have used two unnecessary exclamation points in this post.  Two.)  But first we move into the new apartment (just a couple more weeks).  I got a color board from a paint store and it was like my birthday (insanity confirmed; gets abnormally excited about a color wheel).  

We also bought our first piece of furniture last weekend – small wooden table, a $20 steal.  So we’ll have that, and my elliptical machine.  Which is okay; I couldn’t possibly be happier than when sitting on the floor, staring at my painted walls.

… And it’s back to the mammoth project with me (I will not use an exclamation point here).

P.S. Pardon any errors in this post; it is late and I refuse to edit.


  1. Congrats on the almost done with the book! xoxo

  2. yay! so happy about the children's book :)

  3. I couldnt have said it any better to be honest! keep up the awesome work. You are very talented & I only wish I could write as good as you do :) …


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