Miss American Pie

The orchid on my kitchen window-sill.  Not mine.
It was here when we arrived.

If it was mine, it would be dead by now.
House-plants hate me.

 See the little gray building in the middle?  That's the bakery.
 I live upstairs.  For now.

 This is a little store I love.  
During the day, the streets are filled with merchandise ...
And the cafes move tables and chairs outside ...

... The sweetest collection of odds and ends.

Aren't the colors on this bike beautiful?

The Danes love their dogs.
I love this one.  In particular.

A few solemn mannequins.

 A place called Noun.  This made me happy.

The street on which I live.

A marching band.  
They played Dixie Land and Miss American Pie.

Musicians just outside the bakery.
Sort of like having a concert in your own front yard.
I'm not sure who the band was, but they sounded beautiful.

 ... And that was my Friday evening walk.


  1. Beautiful picture story. Hugs Karen

  2. Wow! What an amazing Friday night :).

  3. Wow. What lovely new surroundings. Such contrast to the 'ol USA. I'm jealous.

  4. oh wow, that looks fun.
    love all the architecture...looks kinda lovely:)

  5. Beautiful! And I have a brown thumb as well :(

  6. Great idea for a post or two; Storyboard Posting, a great way to travel and see the sights. Love your idea and post. Thanks.


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