In Case You Were Wondering

Over the summer, my sister Stephanie and I had a couple recording sessions


.. And now we're sharing, so please have a listen.

The songs have a live "coffeehouse" feel to them, which is what we intended - so just ignore the occasional error (one horrid flat note in particular).

In Case You Were Wondering


No Longer Golden



(Just click the play button, and a pop-up player will appear on your screen with all songs.)

All songs written by Stephanie Kough.  Please ask permission for personal use.
Copyright 2011 Stephanie Kough


  1. Is there anything you cant do lol? Obama called, he wants you to save the American economy from Denmark...

  2. Not save it as in Denmark is attacking it but more so rescue it while you are in Denmark....Good singing, both of you ladies are very talented.

  3. the first two links don't work.

    fabulous songs, as usual! :]

  4. If you just click the play button they all work. I don't know about the links.

  5. Just saved them off :) Thanks for posting! I actually had kites stuck in my head for the rest of the day after I heard you guys sing it but I didn't know the lyrics lol.
    I'm off to Colorado Springs tomorrow so I'll take them with me and listen to them on long waits in air ports. Listening to Lauren and Steph sing while drinking coffee in an air port. Seems fitting :p

    I really like Kites and In Case You Were Wondering. "I helped a turtle across traffic" haha epic. I like all the lyrics in that one cause they are all so you guys.

  6. i meant the links to "jimmy smith" and "clubmen studio" ... if you click on them, it says 404 not found.


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