The Graduate

. . . I have some big news.

After almost six years of graduate school, and an entire lifetime of being in school, my husband Tim just completed his PhD defense – today!

(I did sit through his defense.  I understood about 3% of what was said; mostly the opening lines.  But I have it on good authority that it went well.)

Come graduation in August (which we will not attend as we will be in Denmark), he will officially have his doctorate in Material Science.

Anything I write here will be anticlimactic, considering.  So let’s just keep it short and simple.  Not to sound too childish or anything, but ...


You’ll also be happy to know I did not take my camera inside the conference room.  I envisioned it, briefly, and came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to be that wife.    

So here’s a photo of Dustin Hoffman to compensate.

Source: The Graduate

(not Dustin)

Afterwards, we went out for drinks with a few good friends to celebrate.

And I gave Tim The Company by Robert Littell as a graduation present, because he likes CIA novels.

What better way to celebrate his complete liberation from school than with a big honkin’ book, right?!  ... Nothing comes to mind.

This is the most relieved we’ve felt in half a decade.


P.S. I'm proud of you babe!
(Tim; not Dustin)


  1. Oh my!!!! WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT! This is so exciting and I'm proud of him too!

  2. Congrats! PhD is a great deal!
    ...and I am complaining that I am struggling with my Masters.... :0

  3. Oh! What a good feeling! Congrats! Now make Mamma some money!

  4. That must be an amazing feeling! Congrats to you both! <3

  5. I think this is the best post you have every written!! So happy!!

  6. Congratulations to your man! That is exciting, and I'm sure, quite a relief!

  7. Congratulations! To Tim, and not to Dustin. Poor Dustin...

  8. YEAH! This is awesome news. I'm really happy for you guys and really proud of Tim! It's quite an accomplishment. Now all you have to do is move to another country and you're worries are over. ;D

  9. Congrats to your honey...thats awesome you guys.


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