The Lobsterman's Wife

Someday I am going to live on a beach.

You know that song by Ingrid Michaelson about the lobsterman's wife who lives by the sea?
This picture makes me think of it
( for whatever reason )

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  1. I know that song - Rob and I are from an area that is primarily known for its lobster fishing. I shot a wedding last summer where one bride sang that song to the other bride, but changed it to "Downeaster's Wife" (the area is called Downeast Maine) and changed all the "hes" to "shes." It was lovely :)

    For the record, lobsterfishermen don't wear full diving gear while fishing, hahaha, though it'd be funny if they did :) I love that picture.

  2. Oh I know - something about the picture makes me think of the song tho. lol.

  3. Those pictures are lovely!

    I would live in a little camper by the ocean! Oh yes I would! :)

  4. gosh, something about those pictures is so soothing to the soul.

    a camper on the beach would definitely not be a bad thing! :)

  5. oh dear.
    that collage totally tortured me.
    i've never been to the ocean's side....i dream of it:)

  6. well I guess you know me and my family will have to follow.
    yes how fun it would be!

  7. I love beach houses! Then again, I am a pisces...

  8. have you heard the song "fisherman's woman" by Emiliana Torinni?? it reminds me of that one :)

    i adore your blog!


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