The other night (sometime between yesterday and last year), Tim was in Georgia and we spent an evening watching Cheers.  (I love Cheers.)  In one particular episode, Sam and Diane have a brief argument (what else) concerning the type of people they date.  It went something like this:

Sam Malone: At least my dates don't count the number of letters in sentences.

Diane Chambers: Your dates can't form sentences.

And then they make a bet concerning whether or not they could find better dates for each other.  And so the comedy begins.

. . . 

Naturally, after an episode like that, Tim and I discussed who we'd hook each other up with (a healthy marital discussion, no?)  As there were no particular parameters for this conversation, I picked out two people I could hook him up with if I were being nice about it, and two I'd hook him up with if I wanted him to be miserable.  (Makes sense, right?)  One of them was a man.

And after all that, he couldn't think of a single person for me.

Instead, he said this: You just like being left to yourself, to do your own thing, and occasionally you want other people around.


At any rate, I suppose this diagnonsense is much better than what ends up happening to Diane:

Diane: You hired a murderer to take me out for the evening.
Sam: Well, it's kind of funny when you put it that way. 


  1. Interesting pass time you guys have there Lauren :p
    "and occasionally you want other people around" lol.
    Perhaps I shall give Cheers a try since Sarah just got the first season for my Dad

  2. Hahaha sounds like a conversation Rob and I would have...hilarious! And a sign of the strength of your marriage :) I love Cheers, btw :)

  3. I feel like I am peeking into someone else's naughty conversation! Hee hee.

    I like the tie in with Cheers... This is an inspiring post in so many ways...


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