{ Guernsey: Post 3 }

Guernsey is very beautiful in all its variety – fields, woods, hedgerows, dells manors, dolmens, wild cliffs, witches’ corners, Tudor barns, and Norman cottages of stone.  I have been told stories of her history (very lawless) . . .  

 (The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society)

Another day of exploring the island . . .

On our second day in Guernsey, we visited the towns of St. Martin, St. Andrew, and St. Peter Port (there are a lot of saint’s on that island).  

Earlier that morning, we’d been told by a resident that we simply must go see The Cliffs.

It was breath-taking.

I wanted to stay there forever.

We had lunch at St. Martin’s Le Croix Gruener Café and Bistro.  It’s such a shame the entire world can’t have Guernsey crab cakes.

Got a flat at St. Andrew’s Parish.

Later, we had dinner at the Mount Rock Café (again).  Seems to be the place where everybody congregates in the evening, like seagulls.  Plus the portion size is downright American – order two appetizers and you hardly know what to do with all the food.

Then we ordered drinks in the outdoor courtyard at the hotel next door.  (There’s not a lot to do in Guernsey besides eat . . . and drink.)  We had Randall’s beer because the bar man specifically told us that “around here, everybody knows that if it ain’t Randall’s, it’s a scandal.”

To be continued . . .


  1. SOOO beautiful! I know I've said that in every comment but it's all that can be said! <3

  2. Amazingly beautiful pictures!! I love that there are smiles for the flat tire picture, too! HA HA!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Happy you guys are enjoying yourselves.

  4. Lauren, my absolute favorite picture is the one of the path leading to the water. I think it's the 5th photo down. SO awesome! You are a good photographer!

  5. it is breath taking and i love that picture of you

  6. it is breath taking and i love that picture of you

  7. It looks sunny and pretty!

    I love your dress.

    And I've never seen anyone look so happy to have a flat!... I'm guessing you didn't mean apartment or house... You meant tire :P

  8. Haha oh yeah. I forgot to clarify. ;)

  9. So lovely there. And you look gorgeous! Per your recommendation I just signed up for pinterest. I see vast amounts of time slipping through my fingers! Ahhh!


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