Away We Go

We may not have another chance to get away, just the two of us, for who knows how long.  We are, after all, leaving our most trusted babysitters behind in the States.  So it's off to Guernsey and Paris with us!  We leave Monday night.  

I can't wait!

That being said, I'm going to be absent from the blogging world until the following week.  No worries (in case you miss me and my tedious thoughts), I promise to take hundreds of photographs so I can post about the trip once I'm back.  Until then, I've scheduled another Etsy Gift Card Giveaway.  It will begin Monday morning.


  1. Have fun!

    I have friends in Guernsey...

    I am still so excited for you and your move!

  2. Ill go mad without reading your posts for a while, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    no, I really hope you have a great time.
    You can kind of see what you will experiance once you move there.
    you may not want to move back to the states.

  3. Thanks ladies!

    And Nicole. . . I know New Zealand and Denmark are rather far... but if you ever want to come out for a visit I'd love to meet you!

  4. That time already??
    Have a lovely time :)

  5. i can't wait for photos, you're going to have a brilliant time :]

  6. Ditto to that Lauren!

    You never know where a plane might take us!


( hippies always welcome )