The Three Year Old

Things he’s been saying:

Look, it’s Daddy!  (When Tim is here).
Look, it’s day! (All other mornings).
His C’s: car/cookie. (Favorite words).

Things he adores:

His red and blue tricycle. 
His little friend Sari.   
I’m fairly certain they’re plotting things. 
PBJ’s.  There are no other foods.

Things he does:

Chooses his own clothes in the morning.  Apparently I have horrible taste and can no longer be trusted.

 Takes all his clothes off and pees out of the crib when he is supposed to be napping.  Usually accompanied by his best doggy impressions.

 Also . . . I took him the park the other day, and he picked out a new mommy.  He kept giving her rocks and holding her hand and making her go down the slide with him.  Le sigh.

    (The flash.  It gets him every time.)


    1. Sad, replaced by a stranger in a park.... I'm sure you're a better slide helper!

    2. Wow he found a replacement Mom, that sucks! But look at all that fiery red hair how could she not be charmed.

    3. He's adorable - love his hair!!


    ( hippies always welcome )