I'll Be Back Before Andy Gets Home!

We finally finished building Isaac's Train Set.

As you can (sort of) see, he's a huge fan of Thomas and Friends, Barnyard Animals, the Toy Story Toys, and also Matchbox Cars.  The size discrepancies don't seem to bother him either. His other favorite things are the pockets on his new jeans.  I find no less than seven cars in each pocket on any give day.  One particular evening I found a pair of thumb tacks and some cantaloupe.

Watch out, Red-Head.  I think you've made Buzz jealous.


  1. Ha, haa, I think all kids love jean pockets. One time I asked one of my seventh grade girls to empty her pockets and she pulled out a marble, a bit of string, a small rock, some change, a rubber-band and lip gloss. You never know what you might need.

  2. Toy Story! it's my favorite(:

  3. I just love your blog! I am sort of addicted...okay I admit it...I am addicted!

  4. cantaloupe! LOVE IT!
    when Hailey was about 5 she had a soccer game and was eating a cheese stick in the car and decided to stick it in her leg pad sock thingee to eat later. the next time she had a game something was scratching her, it was her hard cheese stick!

  5. Super cute :-). I would so totally play with this...

  6. i can't read your post title without hearing it in buzz's voice... over and over again. thanks for that!


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