Wanna Come Over and Play?

While searching through some old cardboard boxes
I found some childhood things. 

A quilt given to me at birth.

Shasta daisies painted by Isabel.  
My great-grandmother's handkerchief.
It reminds me of that line from You've Got Mail:
Do children not even know what handkerchiefs are? 
A handkerchief is a Kleenex you don't throw away.   

My rag-doll, Mary Quite Contrary.  Found at a yard sale. 
And my Lady and the Tramp stuffed dog.  

The Quint Dolls.  I also saved their tiny black tap shoes.

Last but not least: The Glass Animal Collection. 
I used to buy these figurines from Mary's Hallmark Shop when we lived in McMinnville, Oregon. They came in little white and silver boxes, wrapped in tissue. I was also rather fond of the naked trolls with flaming hair.  I was six.

The duck was actually from my babysitter.
She told me I could have something in her garage.
For whatever reason, I wanted the yellow duck.

Any memories you'd like to share?


  1. I remember those glass figurines from your childhood bedroom! :)

  2. Aw, Mary! In a weird way, I feel like her aunt, or something. Heh.

    This is so funny -- I was just thinking the other day that when (if) I restart my blog, I should do a post on Clara Dora. I even went so far as to look up the St. Vincent De Paul thrift store on Google Maps. :D

    Wow, you and I had a lot of the same glass animals... Except the duck. I don't have the duck. ;)

    That is such a pretty quilt! Who gave you that? Pinwheel quilts take so much work.

  3. PINWHEEL! For the life of me I could not remember what that was called!

    I think it was Mrs. Martin. Did you know the Martin family? Annie, Sherry Berry, Bethany . . .

    I actually have the seals and the skunks too but all these photos were taken with a cell phone b/c my camera doesn't work. . . and those two didn't turn out at all.

    I think you should do a post on Clara. That'd be lovely.

  4. i'm DYING to see clara dora. please please please please!

  5. That's awesome, Laur! I forgot how many of the glass animals you and I share. The tiny ducklings were my favorite glass animals growing up. That and the tiny mouse, which you also have. ;) I also had the Lady dog and puppies, the white cats and I think the chickens.

  6. I collect and give away what i call hankies

  7. That quilt is amazing. So great that you still have it.

  8. I'm sorry, but did you say you lived in McMinnville Oregon? How did I not know this yet? I am from Portland (just incase I have not also shared that).

    I love finding old treasures.

  9. Yes, McMinnville . . . had some friends who lived in Portland but that was all years ago. Someday I will go back! So beautiful there.

  10. I have the yellow ducky wearing the bonnet, as well as the duckling ♥ I haven't seen my Hallmark collection in years (they've been packed for all our moves), but now I want to see which other ones I still have! I had a rooster, a few puppies (LOVE your Chihuahua), a llama, and a bunch of different birds...

  11. We have those glass animals also... And its kind of antique looking already.


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