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1book  noun \ˈbk\

: a set of written, printed, or blank sheets bound together into a volume

First off, doesn't this photograph look like the perfect spot?

Secondly . . . Thought I'd write a post on my current forms of entertainment in hopes of getting yours in return.

Recommend away, please!

Books tO BE READ:

01)  The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, by Alan Bradley.  Synopsis: Flavia de Luce encounters several odd events that lead to a murder mystery she must uncover. 

A recent loan from a fellow book lover.  Don't tell me how it ends.

02)  The Charm School, by Nelson DeMille.  Synopsis: American tourist in Russia discovers secret about missing U.S. POW and KGB conspiracy.

Actually reading this aloud to Tim on weekends.

03)  Animal Dreams, by Barbara Kingsolver.  Synopsis: Codi Noline returns to her hometown to face her past and explore her future. 

Ashamed to admit I have been reading this one for months.  Don't get me wrong, I really like it so far; I'm just forgetful. 

Shows To Be Watched:

01)  Friends.  Synopsis: About a group of immature, irresponsible friends in their late twenties.  Or, as my dad put it: oh I get it, they're all stupid!

My siblings and I are doing a Friends Marathon.  We make coffee in two different coffee-pots so that there is over seventeen cups in one go-round, and then watch episodes until we fall asleep or make more coffee. 

02)  Prison Break.  Synopsis: Two brothers attempt to break out of prison.

Again, I only watch this on weekends when Tim is in Georgia with me.  It's rare that I like a television show this much.

03)  Blue Bloods.  Synopsis: About a family of New York cops and the crimes they solve.

I am very fond of this show. I hope it doesn't get canceled because. . .well . . . Tom Selleck.  Hello.

The Kiddo’s Books/Movies:

01) DK Board Books!  Including My First ABC Book, My First Spanish Animal Book, and My First Spanish Number Book.  I am following through on that new year resolution to teach him his alphabet, numbers, and Spanish words.  He only likes the pages that have matchbox cars.  The only Spanish he's going to learn is cincuenta carritos!

02) Shaun the Sheep: Sheep on the Loose!  From the makers of Wallace and Gromit.  If you haven't watched any of the Shaun the Sheep movies you must (I don't care how old you are).  They are seriously funny.  Not to mention my kid now walks around making sheep noises, which if you ask me is rather hilarious.

. . . What're you doing?


  1. I haven't read any of those books that you listed! My "To Read" list just keeps getting longer and longer! I need more time in the day! :).

  2. I haven't read any of those books either. I think I will add them to list. I love the picture. Looks so cozy the room of books and warm sunshine. Love it

  3. love that picture
    I have about 4 books im reading but the main one is
    :Alice I Have Been"
    thought it was non-fiction but its fiction based on research on my lewiss Carroll and Alice

  4. shaun the sheep is the best. i love it

  5. i started sweetness at the bottom of the pie, and i did like it, but i was in school; never finished it.

    i'm reading the dome, fall of giants, three cups of tea, and spiritual midwifery. i'd like to finish at least one book this month, but i'm not sure that will happen. the dome is the most interesting, spiritual midwifery the most refreshing. i think fall of giants is too historical for my tastes.

    tv? 30 rock, 30 rock, and every now and then, 30 rock.i love season 4.

    the end.


  6. I love the picture, but it sets off my OCD so badly I'm literally twitching to organize something :P My library will be obsenely organized!

    I am reading "In Constant Prayer" and "Deadly Ties", both for review, and once those are done, I'll be reading "Your Heart Belongs To Me" by Dean Koontz.

    I evidently share similar reading taste with Lala - The Dome and Fall of Giants are both on my To Read list! :) I am fairly sure I read Spiritual Midwifery my senior year of high school (yah, I was homeschooled, lol).

  7. How funny! I was homeschooled also.

  8. Ive been needed some books to read!
    The last 2 books I read were The Noticer by Andy Andrews, which I loved, and Never Let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro..
    TV shows Ive been watching are old school... That 70's show (1st season) and Freaks and Geeks because Ive been obsessed with James Franco!


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