A Children's Book Review

This morning I had the pleasure of reviewing Miss Melody Kitty's Daydream Adventures, a children's book written by Diane Eason and illustrated by Rosemary Sanford.  

This story incorporates many timeless elements in children's literature, including colorful illustrations, small animals, and a happy resolution that focuses on the importance of individuality. I would definitely recommend it to those who love children's books.

Synopsis: Miss Melody Kitty's Daydream Adventures tells the story of Miss Melody, a young kitten who wishes she could change herself in order to experience new adventures.  Throughout the story, Melody helps several small creatures who are in need of her assistance.  These daily adventures cause her to realize that it is important for her to be herself, or, as the book says: just the way God made her.

My three-year-old kiddo loved the cheerful pictures, and I imagine when he gets a bit older this book will be useful in teaching him how to read (a bonus for me)!

Be sure to pick up your own copy of Miss Melody Kitty's Daydream Adventures at Spirit-Led-Designs.  You will also find an animated version of the book for interactive story-time as well as a Miss Melody Kitty doll.


This post reflects my personal opinions of the product only.  I was not financially compensated for the review, although I did receive a signed copy of Miss Melody Kitty's Daydream Adventures.  To learn more about similar blogging campaigns, visit Business2Blogger.com


  1. I love children's books with a good message. Thanks for reviewing this one for us.

  2. Most welcome! I love children's literature, too.

  3. Now I need a kid just so I can read them this book! :) Not the best reason to have a child I'm afraid. :) Thanks for the review! You'll certainly be my go-to person when I start collecting children's literature.

  4. Hey, this is great! Those books are great for helping teach kiddos to read. My youngest sister learned fast just by pouring over these kinds of chilrens' books!

    I just signed up for a similiar book review campaign thingy. It's "Booksneeze." You may have heard about it.

  5. Sounds great!
    my favs are
    The Kissing Hand
    and I Will Love You Forever
    they both make me cry like a baby and Im not kiddind about that, a sobbing mess

  6. I'll Love You Forever is by far my favorite children's book!

    "I'll love you for always...forever my baby you'll be."

  7. Thank you for such a nice review, Lauren. I appreciate the time you took to write it. Would love for other children to have an opportunity to read Miss Melody Kitty's Daydream Adventures and hug my Miss Melody Kitty 16" character doll.

  8. Great review! Looks like a cute book :)


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